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    • Learning Now TV, Jun 25: effects of Covid-19 on HR and L&D services

      Learning Now tv | London |

      LNTV, Jun 25, David Perring on Fosway's research into the effects of Covid-19 on HR and L&D services. Plus: 702010 Institute’s new initiative to refocus L&D onto business results; Robin Hoyle on the digital skills divide; a new start up company that can predict ‘forgetting’ and Donald Taylor discusses the rearranged Learning Technologies Summer Forum.

    • John Yates on his new role as CEO at Emerald Works

      Learning News | London |

      John Yates talks to Learning News following his appointment as CEO at Emerald Works, the newly-launched business combining Good Practice, Mind Tools and Towards Maturity.

    • Modern learning environments: Nigel Paine

      Learning News | London |

      Nigel Paine discusses the differences between traditional and modern learning environments and the common challenges learning and development finds in building them.

    • 2020 Learning Health Check, Gent Ahmetaj: a powerful learning culture

      Learning Now tv | London |

      LNTV, May 28, Gent Ahmetaj from Emerald Works talks about the annual Learning Health Check and describes 6 habits which make up a powerful learning culture; plus Danielle Hamilton on how Thrive Learning is adapting to the lockdown; Will Thalheimer on conferences of the future; and Juliette Denny from Growth Engineering on designing online learning.

    • Coronavirus, the learning sector’s response: IT training and online demand

      Learning News | London |

      Special report: IT training - views from two IT training businesses, Darren Bance from QA, Jon Lang from DDLS. Online learning demand - the experiences of three digital learning providers, Catriona Razic from Skillcast, Claudio Erba from Docebo and Sarah Danzl from Degreed.

    • Kristina Tsiriotakis, DECIEM, on LNTV: planning for the future

      Learning Now tv | London |

      LNTV, May 14, features an interview with Global L&D Director Kristina Tsiriotakis from DECIEM, the Abnormal Beauty Company, on how she is managing the current situation and helping to plan for the future; plus interviews with Kelly Davis on the LPI’s new digital academy for L&D professionals and Peter Labow on marketing strategy.

    • Super-personalisation of content

      Learning News | London |

      Armin Hopp, Founder of Speexx, draws together the trends in L&D and sets out Speexx’ priorities.

    • LNTV: L&D leading change during the lockdown

      Learning Now tv | London |

      LNTV, April 30, includes interviews with learning leaders from Hilti, Monzo Bank and D&D London, on how they are leading change and adapting to the lockdown.

    • Global E-learning service market to reach $137 billion in 2025

      Learning News | Dublin, Research and Markets |

      A report from Research and Markets has the global e-learning service market growing at a CAGR of 15.61% reaching a total market size of US$137.754 billion in 2025 from US$57.702 billion in 2019.