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    • What kind of leaders do we need?

      Learning Now tv | London |

      LNTV, May 26: Julian Stodd, author of The Humble Leader, joins Learning Now TV to discuss the values needed in leadership in 2022; Sukh Pabial discusses learning culture; Bob Mosher continues his series on learning and performance. Plus regular commentators, Robin Hoyle discusses clarity in leadership and Rob Clarke reports from Learning Technologies 2022.

    • How Happy recovered from the pandemic

      Learning Now tv | London |

      LNTV, Apr 28: Henry Stewart joins LNTV to talk about how his business, Happy, recovered from damages caused by pandemic; Tom Bryant discusses how the workplace, HR and L&D has changed forever; David Perring discusses the digital learning market; Robin Hoyle looks at how L&D teams develop 'learning journeys' and Bob Mosher starts his 6-part series, Elevating Performance.

    • Learning impact: Ina Weinbauer-Heidel on LNTV

      Learning Now tv | London |

      LNTV, Mar 31: Ina Weinbauer-Heidel talks to Nigel about her work on learning transfer; Gent Ahmetaj from MindTools for Business talks about changes to their Learning Performance Benchmark; How the RSPCA coped with the Covid pandemic and its urgent need to change their development practices; A new 6-part series on learning and performance with Bob Mosher gets underway; Robin Hoyle asks are we clear on what skills are and how they are developed?; Plus a news round up from Learning News.

    • Interview with Adam Poulter, Sponge’s new CEO

      Learning News | Sponge |

      Sponge, one of the UK's best known elearning providers, appointed a new CEO last year. Adam Poulter joined the group following Sponge's acquisition by Aliter Capital and he joins Learning News to talk about the market, business challenges and his plans for the group.

    • Learning habits: neuroscientist Amy Brann on LNTV

      Learning Now tv | London |

      LNTV, Feb 24: Neuroscientist Amy Brann discusses learning habits and effective learning; Gemma Towersey discusses learning design; Martin Couzins has a new report into climate change and sustainability and asks how it may affect the workplace; Robin Hoyle looks at why Tik Tok dissolved its L&D department; plus a news round up from Learning News.

    • Workplace Learning 2022: interview with Andy Moss

      Learning News |

      What might 2022 hold for the learning sector? Learning News puts this question to Andy Moss, Managing Director of City & Guilds Corporate Learning which includes the Kineo digital learning business.

    • Paul Matthews: workflow learning

      Learning Now tv | London |

      On Learning Now TV, Nov 25: Paul Matthews on 'Workflow Learning'; Nigel Paine discusses his best-selling book on learning culture; Martin Couzins looks at the latest workplace research; Robin Hoyle explains how to overcome resistance to change initiatives and Rob Clarke reports from the Learning Technologies Awards.

    • Andrew Jacobs on hybrid learning

      Learning Now tv | London |

      Learning Now TV, Nov 3: Andrew Jacobs joins the show to explain hybrid learning and how to get it right for learners. Dani Johnson discusses the importance of practice and Jan Rijken from CrossKnowledge discusses learning maturity and how the learning industry is developing. Plus regular contributors Robin Hoyle on face-to-face and remote learning misconceptions and the latest news round up with Rob Clarke.

    • Gender equality strategies for men on LNTV

      Learning Now tv | London |

      Hira Ali talks to LNTV about her new book 'Her Allies' which helps men with the strategies they need to become powerful advocates for gender equality. Plus a review of the 2021 Learning Performance Benchmark on the maturity of the L&D sector and the Royal Voluntary Service talks about skilling up 750,000 new volunteers to help the NHS.

    • Fuse expands leadership team to support scaling growth

      Fuse Universal | London, UK |

      Fuse, the learning and knowledge platform for enterprise that ignites people and business performance, today announces the expansion of its senior leadership team with two significant new hires - a move that will help prepare the learning tech scaleup for its next phase of growth.

    • Managing a hybrid workforce on LNTV

      Learning Now tv | London |

      Learning Now TV, Jun 24: Matt Donovan from GP Strategies discusses the rise of the hybrid workforce and the complexities of managing it successfully.

    • Pluralsight Promotes Will Clive to Chief People Officer

      Pluralsight | Silicon Slopes, Utah |

      Pluralsight, Inc., the technology workforce development company, today announced the promotion of Will Clive to Chief People Officer (CPO). Reporting to Pluralsight co-founder and CEO Aaron Skonnard, Clive was promoted from his previous position as Vice President of People.

    • Nimble’s ‘customer-first’ philosophy reflected in recent expansion of team

      Nimble Elearning | Stonehouse, Gloucestershire |

      There’s no doubt that the world of learning and development has changed rapidly year-on-year, and the landscape is now a completely different space compared to the past several years. With changes in trends, training deliveries and new technologies – not to mention a global pandemic – Nimble continues to rise to these challenges.

    • Four-dimensional learning for the 21st century

      Learning Now tv | London |

      Learning Now TV, May 27: Ulrik Juul Christensen joins LNTV this week discussing Area9 Lyceum’s aim to 'build the world’s most advanced technology to provide four-dimensional learning for the 21st century'.

    • Growth Engineering Partner With Inclusion Crowd to Drive Diversity

      Growth Engineering | London, England |

      Growth Engineering are excited to announce a newly formed partnership with Inclusion Crowd. This partnership will utilise Inclusion Crowd's knowledge and experience in the Diversity & Inclusion space to create a training and accreditation programme powered by Growth Engineering's learning technology suite. The ultimate goal is to help organisations create more inclusive and diverse cultures and to enable high performing teams.

    • Double Digit Rise in Employment at eCom Scotland in First Quarter of 2021

      eCom Learning Solutions | Dunfermline, Scotland |

      In a move that goes against the view of ancient folk wisdom, eCom Scotland, the digital learning and assessment specialist, is taking its own professional advice by using its eNetEnterprise system. In particular, eCom is beginning to use the OnBoard part of its eNetEnterprise workforce development system for managing learning, development and competency across all levels in an organisation.