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    • eAssessment helps improve National Health Service patient care

      eCom Learning Solutions | Dunfermline, Scotland |

      One of the UK’s pioneer bodies for training scientists working in the National Health Service (NHS) is using the eAssessment platform developed by eCom Learning Solutions, Scotland’s leading digital learning and assessment specialist.

    • Geoscientists’ competency assessment comes to Australia

      eCom Learning Solutions | Dunfermline, Scotland |

      Australia is the latest continent to get a taste of a new online self-assessment tool to benchmark the skills within the international operations geoscience community and identify individuals’ skills gaps. The tool enables operations geoscientists, in the oil and gas sector, to objectively assess the level of their current skills - which they need to be successful in their role.

    • Online assessments add value for oil and gas industry stakeholders

      eCom Learning Solutions | Dunfermline, Scotland |

      Within the oil and gas drilling industry – a key part of a sector that produced revenues of some $3.3 trillion in 2019 and comprises some 3.8% of the global economy - the use of online assessment (eAssessment) is demonstrably improving the assessment process, as well as streamlining the operations of organisations and, thus, providing added value to their stakeholders.

    • Bahamas’ Institute benefits from eCom Scotland eAssessment Platform

      eCom Learning Solutions | Dunfermline, Scotland |

      With over half its multi-million dollar revenue regularly coming from clients outside the UK, the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland is used to working with organisations in far-flung, often exotic and, sometimes, remote parts of the world. Among these is the far-from remote but no-less-exotic Bahamas, where one of its professional institutes is benefiting from using eCom’s eAssessment platform with the hundreds of students studying for qualifications on its 16 or so regular programmes.

    • Online Assessment Tool Highlighted at GeoConvention 2021

      eCom Learning Solutions | Dunfermline, Scotland |

      Following several major incidents, the energy industry is keen to use only those operations practitioners who, when responsible for delivering work used in safety-critical aspects of planning and executing wells, can demonstrate their competency. The legal – and environmental - consequences of failing to prove this are serious; yet demonstrating competency can be challenging for these practitioners.

    • Eagle Point Software acquires UK-based KnowledgeSmart

      Learning News | Acquisitions |

      Eagle Point and provider of architecture, engineering and construction software has acquired KnowledgeSmart, a provider of skills gap analysis and benchmarking services for AEC firms.

    • GP Strategies Launches Measurement Academy

      GP Strategies | London |

      GP Strategies brings its award-winning business impact measurement process to the Measurement Academy; a 10 week learning journey which proves and improves the impact of learning programmes.

    • Online Assessment Tool Developed for Geoscientists

      eCom Learning Solutions | Dunfermline, Scotland |

      Comprising some 3.8% of the global economy, with revenues of some $3.3 trillion in 2019, the oil and gas drilling industry affects the life of every person on the planet. Yet, until recently, there was no objective measure of the knowledge, skills and competency levels of the operational geoscientists who play a key role in the industry’s activities.

    • eCom Scotland’s Solutions to the Assessment Challenges of the 2020s

      eCom Learning Solutions | Dunfermline, Scotland |

      'Advancing Observational Assessment and Evaluation in the Workforce' was the subject of learning technologies specialist Emma Dickson’s presentation to the international seminar, ‘Assessment Challenges of Our New Decade’, organised by Beyond Multiple Choice (BMC) and held on 21st April.

    • Measuring the business impact of learning

      Learning News | London |

      Interview with Piers Lea and David Ells, authors of the 5th annual report into the progress L&D is making with measuring the business impact of learning programmes.