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Kineo Analytics launches

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Andy Costello explains Kineo’s new analytics service and why it is included with every content project.

Andy Costello, Kineo at Learning Technologies 2023
Andy Costello, Kineo at Learning Technologies 2023 

Kineo has launched a new analytics service, Kineo Analytics, which it is including with all of its digital learning content projects. The service launched earlier in 2023 and the Learning Technologies event provided the perfect opportunity for the Kineo team to show it to the world. 

The team also showcased its new Kineo Edition of the Totara Learning Platform. Kineo was one of the founding partners of Totara and many of its biggest customer projects run on the Totara platform, including its project with EasyJet, which won an award from Totara for the ‘Most Improved Platform’. 

Learning News caught up with Kineo’s Head of Customer Solutions Andy Costello in the exhibition to find out all about Kineo’s offerings and approach in 2023.

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