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    • AI to save professionals 12 hours per week

      Learning News | Thomson Reuters |

      Knowledge workers are optimistic about significant boosts to productivity, with AI poised to redefine workflows, drive innovation, and unlock new opportunities for growth.

    • Employers and workers at odds on skills development

      Learning News | D2L |

      A U.S. report has found that while employees cite ongoing skills development a priority for their performance, continuous upskilling is not yet the norm for most workers.

    • Accenture completes acquisition of Udacity

      Learning News | Accenture |

      Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has completed the acquisition of Udacity, a digital education pioneer that blends online learning with human instruction.

    • Cornerstone acquires SkyHive

      Learning News | Cornerstone |

      Cornerstone's latest acquisition adds an AI-powered skills intelligence platform to help build future-ready workforces.

    • Learning Technologies 2024

      Learning News | By Rob Clarke, Editor |

      Coverage from LT2024 in its 25th anniversary; highlights and interviews with participants.

    • LT2024 Donald H Taylor: Focus

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Conference Chair, Donald H Taylor, joins Rob Clarke with his observations on Learning Technologies 2024.

    • LT2024: Content intelligence

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Toby Harris presents how using AI Filtered can now quickly build individual skill frameworks for large employers which historically was difficult, costly and time-consuming to achieve.

    • LT2024: AI-centred learning platform

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Steve Dineen, at Learning Technologies 2024, explains what new in the Fuse learning platform.

    • LT2024: Beyond Elearning

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      GuyKat Founder and CEO, Guy McEvoy, at Learning Technologies 2024.

    • LT2024: Services and solutions partner

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Helen Simpson explains how Jam Pan has evolved from a freelance agency into a digital learning services partner.

    • LT2024: Designed for results

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Cammy Bean explains Kineo's market position at Learning Technologies 2024.

    • LT2024: Smarter learning technology

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Ben Betts gives an update on Learning Pool in 2024, talking about a new digital adoption platform, Learning Pool's use of AI and future innovations in learning with AI.

    • LT2024: Large-scale complex projects

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Lucy Lewis, Director of Business and Strategy, on where Netex fits in the market, its priorities and challenges for the year ahead.

    • LT2024: Digital learning services and solutions

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Learning News with Patrick Jocelyn and Renée Fredlund from digital learning services provider, Omniplex Learning, at Learning Technologies 2024.

    • LT2024: AI-powered LMS

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Emil Reisser-Weston joins Learning News to explain all about Open eLMS and its inbuilt AI authoring,, for quickly creating elearning, learning pathways and recommendations.

    • LT2024: Prove skill development

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Danny Abdo and Corey Hynes join Learning News at Learning Technologies 2024 to introduce Skillable, a platform that connects learning with work and helps employees to prove skills.

    • LT2024: Business coaching and language training

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Armin Hopp joins Learning News at Learning Technologies 2024 with the latest on Speexx and its unique all-in-one platform for business coaching, mentoring and language training.

    • LT2024: Learning experience and strategy

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Josh Cardoz, Chief Creative & Learning Officer at Sponge, explains where Sponge fits in the market and its learning experience and strategy proposition.

    • LT2024: The Business of Learning

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Jon Synnott from business-focussed LMS vendor Thought Industries at Learning Technologies 2024.

    • LT2024: Thrive AI

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Thrive announced Thrive AI at LT2024. CLO Helen Marshall talks to Learning News about its position in the market and the challenges ahead.

    • LT2024: Connecting the dots

      Learning News |

      Ben Laycock from Valamis at Learning Technologies with news of Valamis' new brand identity aimed at connecting L&D with business strategy.

    • LT2024: Kineo's ESG courses

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Vicky Bartolacci introduces Kineo's new suite of ESG courses.

    • LT2024: Power of conversations

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Julie Drybrough on creating spaces for conversations and the culture needed for successful technology and transformation.

    • LT2024: Emerging technologies

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Steve Wheeler provides a summary of AI and mixed reality learning tech and how L&D is responding.

    • LT2024: Rise Up announces acquisition of Domoscio

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Rise Up has announced the acquisition of adaptive learning specialist, Domoscio; Personalised skills assessments and learning paths at scale.

    • LT2024: Ukraine fundraiser

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Andy Wooler from Area9 Lyceum talks to Learning News at Learning Technologies 2024 about his work running aid into Ukraine and explains how the L&D community can help.

    • LT2024: Open source learning management system

      Learning News | Learning Technologies 2024 |

      Amy Tessitore, Open LMS, joins Learning News with an update on the open source learning management system and its new features added in 2024.

    • Economic pressures hit digital learning market

      Learning News |

      Budgets down, lengthening buying decisions, higher justification bar; economic pressures are having ‘significant impact’ on the sector; Interview with Myles Runham, Senior Analyst, Fosway.

    • Learning Technologies 2024 Preview

      Learning News | London |

      Conference Chair, Donald H Taylor, along market analyst David Wilson from Fosway and three of the show's exhibitors, Nuz Saeed, Omniplex Learning, Andy Costello, Kineo and Hannah Quinton, GuyKat, look ahead to Learning Technologies 2024.

    • Accenture to acquire Udacity

      Learning News |

      Global professional services business, Accenture, has announced it is purchasing the digital education business, Udacity, for an undisclosed sum and investing $1 billion over three years to meet clients’ training needs.

    • Thrive appoints Head of AI

      Learning News | Thrive |

      Niloufar Zarin to lead the development of AI across the LMS vendor and its product roadmap.

    • Learning systems market 2024

      Learning News | Fosway |

      Annual report into the learning systems market and vendor positioning published by Fosway; interview with market analyst, Fiona Leteney.

    • LMS market over $50 billion by 2028

      Learning News |

      The market for Learning Management Systems will grow to $51.9 billion over the next four years, according to a new report.

    • XR design skills lab opens in London

      Learning News | London |

      City University of London and ARuVR have created an extended reality design skills lab in the heart of London: Enhances undergraduate programmes and courses to develop XR project designers in industry.

    • Skills Crisis: Talent management shortcomings

      Learning News | Spotted Zebra |

      Two-thirds of organisations are struggling to find the skills they need; half of HR leaders anticipate advancements in technology and AI will further disrupt skills requirements.

    • Traliant acquires Kantola Training Solutions

      Learning News | New York, NY |

      Traliant has announced the acquisition of Kantola Training Solutions, a provider of harassment prevention and DEI training and HR compliance, for over 15,000 organizations, including Subaru, FedEx and Hyundai.

    • UK companies struggling with transparency

      Learning News |

      UK's top companies are failing to meet stakeholder demands for transparency on their websites in investor relations, careers and ESG; but L&D performed better.

    • Leading L&D through AI

      Learning News | LPI |

      The LPI's Chief AI Strategist, Jon Fletcher, discusses Learning and Development’s AI priorities.

    • Kineo: learning content and AI

      Learning News | Kineo |

      Interview with Kineo's new learning content product manager, Anthony Muller, on the challenge facing its content development teams.

    • £2.5 billion for UK AI

      Learning News |

      Microsoft is to invest £2.5 billion in the UK over three years in AI infrastructure and skills; Chancellor welcomes investment in future growth and innovation.

    • A Brave New World, London 2023

      Learning News | Omniplex Learning |

      Omniplex Learning's customer conference: a journey into the future of L&D.

    • Jo Cook to lead TJ

      Learning News | Training Journal |

      Training Journal, the longest-standing learning publication, at 58 years, has appointed Jo Cook as Editor.

    • Connect 2023: The Debates

      Learning News | London |

      Four debates took place at Learning Network Connect 2023: Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Accessibility and Immersive Technologies.

    • Erba to step down as CEO at Docebo

      Learning News | Docebo |

      Docebo has announced it is to appoint a new CEO after its founder, Claudio Erba, steps away and takes up the role of Chief Innovation Officer; Alessio Artuffo appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer. The company also announced it is to repurchase for cancellation up to $100 Million of its outstanding common shares.

    • Talent solutions market report

      Learning News | Fosway |

      High-performing cultures: What part do talent platforms play? Interview with David Perring, Fosway, on the 2023 Talent & People Success market report and 9-Grid.

    • L&D’s shift to business partner

      Learning News | Mind Tools for Business |

      How L&D strategically aligns with business and the behaviours of high-performing teams; interview with Anna Barnett on Mind Tools’ annual L&D Benchmark Report.

    • Video avatars in learning

      Learning News | Colossyan |

      Interview with David Gillham from the digital video authoring application, Colossyan.

    • Cloud HR market 2023

      Learning News | Fosway |

      HR vendors showing resistance to economic situation; HR suites countering disruption from specialists; vendors quick to introduce AI, corporates less so; interview with Sven Elbert, Fosway.

    • HR tech firm Spotted Zebra raises £7.7m

      Learning News | Spotted Zebra |

      The funding will support the company's plan to scale its platform to different markets, hire new talent and expand its product suite.

    • AI Conversations: Critical feedback for employees

      Learning News | Mind Tools and Learning Pool |

      Mind Tools and Learning Pool join Learning News to discuss their content and AI collaboration, "AI Conversations", to help managers with difficult conversations.

    • Revolutionizing the Future of HR: HR Summit Unveils Cutting-edge Strategies and Trends

      Learning News | Gold Coast, Australia |

      The HR Summit aims to foster innovative thinking, share inspiring ideas, and promote community connections. The continuing mission is to curate an engaging programme featuring visionary keynote presentations, real-life case studies and interactive forums delivered by compelling speakers and expert moderators. To achieve this vision, the collaborators are chosen with great precision - seeking professionals who have deep expertise and hands-on experience, and can present cutting-edge insights that spark conversation.

    • Talent Health Index 2023

      Learning News | Cornerstone |

      Cornerstone report reveals UK employers are not meeting skills development needs; Interview with Mike Bollinger.

    • New release from Vyond unlocks limitless possibilities for video creation

      Learning News | Vyond |

      Vyond today announced the new release of its award-winning video creation platform. This release brings the power of generative AI inside Vyond, in existing workflows, where and when it is needed the most. Now, any video element imaginable is available at the click of a button.

    • Extended reality training

      Learning News | ARuVR |

      XR design lab to open in London at City University and projects with Five Guys and Neom.

    • Change for Thrive: from bold to refined

      Learning News | Thrive |

      Thrive has announced new investment, all-new product development and a whole new brand. Mark Ward joins Learning News to discuss the company’s new direction.

    • 21st HR Summit and Expo; Dubai, October 23 to 27

      Learning News | Informa Connect |

      This October HRSE is poised to deliver its most comprehensive and engaging experience to date, spanning an exhilarating five-day schedule, with a masterclass, two conference and exhibition days, an awards ceremony and two days of dedicated certified workshops on key HR themes focused on the future of work.

    • Healthcare to lead gen AI and VR in L&D

      Learning News |

      Learning and development professionals employed in the healthcare sector say possibilities are endless for generative artificial intelligence and VR tools.

    • Learning in the flow of work: 5app’s project with Greystar

      Learning News | 5app |

      Steve Thompson, former Senior Director of Learning and Talent at Greystar and recently appointed Chief Learning Officer at 5app, joins Learning News to discuss Greystar’s award-winning learning academies.

    • AI animation videos: Vyond Go

      Learning News | Vyond Go |

      Interview with Gary Lipkowitz, Vyond and Leena Randhawa, Omniplex Learning.

    • Connect 2023 Preview

      Learning News |

      Tom McDowall shares what's in store at Connect 2023, London 17 November.

    • IT training 2023

      Learning News | Lumify |

      Jon Lang and Gary Duffield from Lumify join Learning News to discuss IT training: the market, skills and business challenges.

    • Sustainability marketing skills gap: interview with CIM

      Learning News | Chartered Institute of Marketing |

      The Chartered Institute of Marketing launches new courses to help business to communicate green credentials. Maggie Jones, Associate Director of Qualifications and Partnerships, at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, joins Learning News.

    • KWC Global launches bold rebrand at Learning Live

      Learning News | Learning Live, London |

      KWC Global - formerly Kissing With Confidence launched its new name, logo, and rebrand at Learning Live on 14th September. Having recently moved from purely in-person training to a hybrid approach, the new brand and name represents its new global approach.

    • Selling to the C-suite

      Learning News | Imparta; Institute of Sales Professionals |

      New programme from Imparta to prepare sales teams for greater involvement with senior managers.

    • B Corp: changing business

      Learning News | Learning Pool |

      Learning Pool is now a B Corp, accountable for its environmental and social performance. Ben Betts joins Learning News to talk about Learning Pool’s B Corp experience.

    • What's changed in L&D in two decades?

      Learning News | Mind Tools for Business |

      Learning and Development in organizations: Reflecting on 20 years of research - interview with Anna Barnett and Nahdia Khan, Mind Tools for Business.

    • PageTiger offers Official CPD Certified Training Course

      Learning News | PageTiger |

      PageTiger’s training course ‘TigerClass Live’ is now officially certified by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service in the UK, giving its customers an opportunity to earn hours towards their CPD Qualification.

    • Best Workplaces for Women

      Learning News | Learning Pool |

      What makes a great workplace? Louise McElvaney talks about Learning Pool's award for Best Workplaces for Women.

    • How learning practitioners are responding to the changing world of work

      Learning News |

      CIPD’s Learning at Work 2023 report - interview with Laura Overton and Andy Lancaster: Addressing skills is the number one priority for L&D practitioners in 2023; L&D is under pressure and its workload is widening; Collaborative applications saw the highest area of learning tech growth; Large increase in those focused on performance, but more to do; Two-thirds of L&D practitioners say they have a meaningful career.

    • PageTiger Awarded Most Recommended and Best Customer Service

      Learning News | PageTiger |

      PageTiger has been recognised with two accolades as an impactful software provider for businesses, receiving the 2023 awards for Most Recommended provider and Best Customer Support from Software Advice.

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