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    • The modern learner, performance and L&D

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Toby Harris, head of solutions at Filtered, the company behind the learning recommendations engine, magpie, explains why developing skills lies at the heart of developing performance.

    • Life Skills: Resilience

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Liggy Webb discusses Resilience, one of a series of short books in her ‘Life Skills Library’.

    • Making learning technologies work today

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Reflections on the keynote presentation by Rachel Hutchinson, Director of L&D at Hilti, at World of Learning 2019.

    • Making learning fun

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Mike Hawkyard, CEO of Gamebrain, has built games for Lego, BBC and Star Wars and is on a mission to make learning fun.

    • Fuse at World of Learning

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Richard Goemaat talks about Fuse’s experiences at World of Learning 2019: visitors’ focus; market views; Fuse developments.

    • Learner focus: Virtual College

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Wendy Stanley, Virtual College, talks about developments in the L&D market and Virtual College's approach.

    • Headstream LXP from Learning Pool

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Michael Main introduces the new Headstream LXP from Learning Pool at World of Learning 2019.

    • Instilled LXP: interview with Mike Alcock

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Mike Alcock talks to Learning News about Instilled, the learning experience platform from Learning Technologies Group.

    • Anti-bribery elearning game launched

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Tom Bright and Jason Butler from Sponge launch an anti-bribery elearning game at World of Learning 2019; adds to a suite of training games covering anti-bribery, cyber security and GDPR.

    • Learning culture: Steve Dineen, Fuse

      Learning News | London |

      Steve Dineen adds to the discussion on learning culture, the most important topic in L&D according to learning professionals, in an interview with Learning News at Learning Live 2019.

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