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Toby Harris presents how using AI Filtered can now quickly build individual skill frameworks for large employers which historically was difficult, costly and time-consuming to achieve.

Toby Harris, Filtered, at Learning Technologies 2024
Toby Harris, Filtered, at Learning Technologies 2024 

Toby Harris, Chief Customer Officer, Filtered: “Generative AI is already being used as a performance support tool for hundreds of millions of people across the world. L&D needs to reflect that. This is a massive technology, a change to the arena of learning landscapes and tools. How can we use AI to allow not just what talent development can do already but do it faster, better, cheaper, at more scale, how can we use it to do stuff that talent development just can't do at the moment?”  

“We have developed a method to generate skill frameworks, bespoke to the needs of large organisations. This means talent development can now make decisions that are of a higher quality at speed and save a lot of money in the process. There's a lot that AI can do help improve talent processes, directly. Not just be this 'accellerant' or a layer around the edge, we can embed it into our processes and we can save ourselves a lot of time. The reality is these frameworks just don't get built, they don't get finished, they don't get done. Now we can have one.”


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