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40 most exciting new L&D startups

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The top emerging companies for workforce development in 2024.


An annual programme to uncover the most exciting startup businesses in Learning and Development, to help HR leaders see what is out there.

The crowdsourced research is run by Emerge, a VC fund focused on early stage investments in European EdTech startups. Donald H Taylor chairs its Workforce Development Advisory Board, which leads the programme.

The idea is to act as an innovation radar for busy learning leaders. Its a way to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field, and see what exciting new startups have to offer.

From over 1,000 companies analysed, the 40 companies which made the list are split into 10 Superstars (established), 20 Rising stars (building good momentum) and 10 Ones to watch (fresh and exciting). In total, the top 40 companies have raised over $1.2Bn in funding and have created over 10,000 jobs. Each of the superstars has raised more than $50M funding.

The top 40 list was presented in a webinar today hosted by Donald H Taylor and Nic Newman. 

Top emerging edtech top 40 for workforce development 2024

Top 10 Superstars

  1. enboarder
  2. Hone
  3. InStride
  4. Lepaya
  5. Reforge
  6. Sana
  7. Sounding Board
  8. Strivr
  9. Techwolf
  10. TestGorilla

Top 20 Rising Stars

  1. Accredible
  2. Alva
  3. Arist
  4. BigSpring
  5. Chance
  6. Colossyan
  7. deephow
  8. Disco
  9. eduMe
  10. FutureFit AI
  11. Maven
  12. Metaview
  13. MobileTrain
  14. Mursion
  15. Neobrain
  16. ReflexAI
  18. section
  19. Sharplist
  20. Workera

Top 10 Ones to Watch

  2. anthrops
  3. bloom
  4. Junto
  5. Kinfolk
  6. Quench
  7. Reelyze
  8. Replicate Labs
  9. Shakers
  10. Speakwise

Source: Emerge/Edtech 20:20 vision