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LT2024: AI-centred learning platform

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Steve Dineen, at Learning Technologies 2024, explains what new in the Fuse learning platform.

Steve Dineen explains what new in the Fuse learning platform
Steve Dineen explains what new in the Fuse learning platform 

Fuse made three announcements at the show: a suite of AI to help clients' content to become more intelligent and accessible, an AI translation feature - due later in 2024, and a new skills tagging and recommendation engine.

Steve Dinnen on where Fuse fits in the market, explained that Fuse works with organisations from 500 to 500,000 people. It provides LXP and LMS funtionality for small and medium-sized companies and is an LXP for larger employers, working alongside existing LMS platforms.

Steve Dineen on AI: “If we simply see AI as a way to to build faster courses, or faster horses, we're probably missing a trick. The ability for us to understand our client's content has been there for a number of years, now adding generative AI has added a whole new layer of functionality, allowing people to find what they need when they need it and for the platform to become an everday learning tool.”

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