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LT2024: Smarter learning technology

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Ben Betts gives an update on Learning Pool in 2024, talking about a new digital adoption platform, Learning Pool's use of AI and future innovations in learning with AI.

Ben Betts with Learning News at Learning Technologies 2024
Ben Betts with Learning News at Learning Technologies 2024 

Learning News spent some time with Learning Pool CEO, Ben Betts, at Learning Technologies 2024. Ben explained how Learning Pool's new digital adoption plaform is enabling it to put learning in-the-flow of work, more easily than before and how the learning industry can expect greater change in future years as it gets to grips with generative AI.

Ben Betts on the wider L&D industry and its use of AI: “In the next year or two we have to move beyond ‘powered by’ AI. We're moving fast to adopt new technologies that are potentially transformative, as an industry, but we're not really changing what we're doing.”

“I think what you're going to see is more use of conversational interfaces - what's the next interface for learning, if there is one, for how people access learning? We will start to move beyond an interface and put it in-the-flow and start to predict what people need.”


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