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LT2024: Large-scale complex projects

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Lucy Lewis, Director of Business and Strategy, on where Netex fits in the market, its priorities and challenges for the year ahead.

Lucy Lewis, Netex: Large-scale complex projects
Lucy Lewis, Netex: Large-scale complex projects 

Netex works on global, large-scale and complex learning requirements, with some of the world's biggest brands. It provides a suite of cloud learning management and authoring applications, services and library content.

Lucy Lewis is Netex's newly appointed Director of Business and Strategy, and joined Learning News at Learning Technologies 2024 to explain its market positioning and proposition.

Lewis: “We focus our services on those larger, global clients. We've got the infrastructure to support on a content and platform perspective. That's where we fit in the market - how do we solve those really big challenges for big businesses.”

“Our product mission is around personalisation and productivity. Making sure users can find the training they need when they need it, content that matches the skills that they need.”


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