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    • State of upskilling and reskilling

      Learning Now tv | London |

      LNTV, Nov 30: Alarming statistics from David James on upskilling and reskilling; Couzins and Paine on why the UK needs better managers; Thrive CLO, Helen Marshall explains why every organisation needs a CLO; a new 6-part series starts on Employee Experience Design; and Rob Clarke has the news.

    • Connect 2023: The Debates

      Learning News | London |

      Four debates took place at Learning Network Connect 2023: Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Accessibility and Immersive Technologies.

    • OEB Annual Debate Tackles the Role of AI in Education

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin |

      OEB Annual Debate to Spotlight Controversial Topic: This House Believes that the Widespread Implementation of AI in Learning Will Do More Harm than Good".

    • OEB 2023: Learning Industry Takes Center Stage in the Global Sustainability Agenda

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin |

      In a world driven by the quest for a sustainable future, the learning industry's role in this paradigm shift has grown ever more significant. OEB 2023, slated to take place in Berlin from November 22 to 24, will step into the spotlight as a hub of intellectual discourse, offering a diverse array of presentations, dynamic panel discussions, and stimulating debates—all revolving around the pivotal theme of sustainability.

    • How emerging technologies are supercharging L&D

      Learning Technologies | London |

      The Learning Technologies Autumn Forum will explore insights, tips, and strategies on software adoption, with Gaëlle Delmas-Watson, SyncSkills and Leena Randhawa, Omniplex Learning.

    • Spacing Out to Level Up: Embrace Drips, Bots & Blogs to Reinforce Learning

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin |

      OEB 2023, scheduled in Berlin from 22-24 November, is set to feature a pivotal session on "Spaced Learning." Guided by Shannon Tipton, the founder of Learning Rebels, the session aims to equip learning professionals with strategies to deliver effective training to an increasingly busy workforce. Through exploring the principles of spaced learning, attendees will gain insights to enhance training efficacy amidst tight schedules and diverse challenges.

    • Putting the ‘I’ back in AI

      Learning Technologies | London |

      The Learning Technologies Autumn Forum will explore why L&D teams need to focus their attention on the end user alongside the shiny new tool, with Helen Marshall and Mark Ward from Thrive and Andrew Jacobs, Llarn Learning.