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    • Embracing external insights to drive change

      Nigel Paine | London, UK |

      In his next webinar looking at organizational learning, Dr Nigel Paine will be joined by Procter and Gamble CLO Dr Anne Schulte to explore how organizations can embrace external insights to drive change.

    • Why the connections between people are vital for knowledge sharing

      Nigel Paine | London, UK |

      Dr Nigel Paine continues his Organizational Learning Reimagined and Redefined webinar series. In this webinar, Paine is joined by WD-40's Garry Ridge to discuss the importance of the organizational brain - the connections that enable people to share knowledge, learn and make sense of the world.

    • Organizational Learning: Reimagined and redefined for our time

      Nigel Paine | London, UK |

      Leadership and organizational learning expert Dr Nigel Paine says organizational learning needs a reboot. This series of webinars explores a new operating system for learning, one based on organizational learning.

    • From text prompt to elearning magic

      Open eLMS | London, UK |

      Exploring the utilization of AI to convert text prompts into comprehensive eLearning content. Open eLMS AI, using a generalised AI knowledge base (either trained with company documentation or the standard data from Chat GPT), is introduced as a tool capable of generating eLearning courses on various subjects based on text prompts.

    • Learning News Bulletin

      Bulletins |

      A bite-sized news round up: Digital learning market update and vendor 9-Grid; Capability academies on the rise; Employment tenure and employer relations; Learning Pool transforming learning at Lidl.

    • launches the world’s first elearning designed 100% using AI

      Open eLMS |

      Since the recent renaissance of AI the clock has been ticking to produce a product that creates real eLearning from a text prompt. The technology exists for producing research scripts on any topic, images and video based on that text and AI can now read an image which allow it to select the right animation for each image and place elements in accordance with good design heuristics.

    • Hemsley Fraser refreshes brand identity to reflect engaging learning, full-service proposition

      Hemsley Fraser | London |

      Hemsley Fraser has announced a brand identity refresh to reflect how the organisation has been evolving to support companies and leaders adapt to today’s complex and ever-changing world of work. Already well known as a leadership and people development specialist, Hemsley has continued to innovate, creating engaging, rewarding and impactful learning experiences which are centred around human behaviour and enabled by technology, not driven by it.

    • Learning News Bulletin

      Bulletins |

      A bite-sized news round up: L&D's relationship with business leadership; Learning impact gold; Predicting future skills; L&D salaries; Overturning how surgeons are trained; Plus all the headlines from Learning News.

    • Improving L&D‘s relationship with business impact

      Learning News | Learning Changemakers |

      On this day, the day of taking time to think about loving relationships, Laura Overton takes a unique look at L&D and business impact in this insightful and fun but equally thought-provoking article.

    • So Much More Than Talking About Jobs

      Learning News | Career Development Institute |

      A campaign to prompt people to think about the work of career development professionals gets underway.