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Dr Nigel Paine and Matt Richter launch The Building Leadership Capability Series

London, UKLearning Ltd

Leadership expert Dr Nigel Paine joins forces with writer and thinker Matt Richter, CEO of the L&D Accelerator, to deliver a 12-month leadership capability series. The series is designed to help the participants build their own leadership capability by thinking hard and working on some of their current challenges.


This week (13 June) sees the first workshop in The Building Leadership Capability Series.

Each month Matt Richter and Dr Nigel Paine will be facilitating a workshop on one aspect of leadership. And in each workshop participants will receive a tool that they can use to develop that capability in the context in which they operate. Topics covered in the series include: personal effectiveness, creating a meaningful work environment, organizational learning, systems thinking, organizational politics and more. 

Commenting on the launch, Paine says, “It is a one-year journey together and rather the opposite of a quick fix! Some topics will resonate more with certain participants, other topics will resonate with different participants, but each time, it will be everyone’s opportunity to deeply engage with their own leadership challenges in their organization and test out what works and what does not work. Each tool is a frame to examine what you do critically and there are many different lenses to choose from.

The series starts with an in-depth look at leadership. 

“What is leadership? There is no clear, simple answer. And if you ask five people, you'll get five different viewpoints. It is much more productive to explore the narratives around leadership. For example, how would you define the characteristics of leadership in your organization? It might be very different in another organization, and it might change as circumstances change,” says Paine. 

“There is a short book that I have written to go with the program, and in it, I emphasize the vital role context plays in leadership. So, I won’t be telling you what to do but help you explore your own position in depth and try out different tools to see what can help make you more effective in your leadership role”, adds Richter.

There is still time to enrol, and the minimum commitment is a very low risk, one session!

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