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    • Modern learning environments: Nigel Paine

      Learning News | London |

      Nigel Paine discusses the differences between traditional and modern learning environments and the common challenges learning and development finds in building them.

    • Upsides & Downsides of Working from Home

      Skillcast | London, UK |

      The Skillcast WFH Insights Survey May 2020 found that working from home is less stressful and more liberating, but people also miss socialising and miss the routine in the office - with millennials suffering more than other age groups.

    • 79% of Employees are New to Working from Home

      Skillcast | London, UK |

      The 79% of British employees working from home during the Covid-19 crisis may lack experience of this working style according to the Skillcast WFH Insights Survey conducted by YouGov.

    • The 6 Benefits of Blended Learning

      First Media | Lincolnshire, UK |

      Do you need convincing of the benefits of a blended learning approach? First Media share six reasons why your organisation should be considering it.

    • Coronavirus, the learning sector’s response: IT training and online demand

      Learning News | London |

      Special report: IT training - views from two IT training businesses, Darren Bance from QA, Jon Lang from DDLS. Online learning demand - the experiences of three digital learning providers, Catriona Razic from Skillcast, Claudio Erba from Docebo and Sarah Danzl from Degreed.

    • True Grit: Why Passion and Resilience Beat Talent

      Mind Tools for Business | London |

      In research that spans spelling-bee contestants to best-selling authors, potters to Olympic athletes, author and psychologist Angela Duckworth discovers that hard work hammers talent every time. Here’s how.

    • Super-personalisation of content

      Learning News | London |

      Armin Hopp, Founder of Speexx, draws together the trends in L&D and sets out Speexx’ priorities.

    • The Next Decade in Learning

      Learning News | London |

      Harry Chapman-Walker introduces Kallidus’ wide-reaching learner survey of over 1,000 learners’ views of L&D.

    • Totara announces performance and engagement platforms

      Learning News | London |

      Totara, the open source learning management system vendor, is to announce the introduction of Totara Perform and Totara Engage, as part of a significant update of the Totara suite.

    • Open source learning management system services

      Learning News | London |

      eThink Education provides services for integrating the Moodle Workplace and Totara LMSs within organizational learning ecosystems: CEO and Founder, Brian Carlson talks to Learning News at Learning Technologies 2020.

    • Coronavirus: the learning sector’s response, first reactions

      Learning News | London |

      First reactions: News from across the learning sector on the crisis engulfing every person and every business; interviews with learning leaders, including Ed Monk from the LPI and Andy Moss from City & Guilds; input from learning professionals, learning vendors and learning media.