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    • Coaching crucial; skills gap growing

      Learning News | NTUC LearningHub |

      Coaching is becoming more important yet the gap in the skills to provide it and knowledge about coaching is widening.

    • Seven Key Skills in Top Customers’ Wants List in 2022

      eCom Learning Solutions | Dunfermline, Scotland |

      Leadership, resilience, digital ability, creativity, collaboration, people management and critical thinking are the key skills that customers of the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Learning Solutions, want their staff developing in 2022.

    • Young people favour marketing careers

      Learning News | CIM |

      Marketing seen as having good salary, career progression, variable career entry choices and transferable skills but with concerns over well-being: interview with Maggie Jones, Chartered Institute of Marketing.

    • New Scott Bradbury videos rise to Learning Live challenges

      Scott Bradbury |

      New videos on team health and wellbeing, from British digital learning resources publisher Scott Bradbury, address topics recently voted by members of the Learning and Performance Institute as being amongst their top five challenges.

    • Imparta & ERM win Gold in Brandon Hall awards 2022

      Imparta | London, UK |

      Imparta is delighted to announce that it has won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold award for excellence in the Best Program for Sales Training and Performance category for its highly successful Client Development Programme (CDP) in partnership with Environmental Resources Management (ERM), the world’s largest pure-play sustainability consultancy.

    • Managing sensitive price increase conversations without losing trust

      Imparta | London, UK |

      Rising inflation means that sales professionals are increasingly having to have price increase conversations with their customers, even against the backdrop of supply chain challenges. If not managed effectively, customer trust that may have taken years to develop can easily be lost. Imparta continues to support the sales community with a new complimentary session dedicated to sharing the skills, knowledge, tools, and best practice needed to manage these challenging conversations.

    • Unlock Account Potential to Survive Stagflation

      Imparta |

      Imparta’s latest webinar provides essential guidance on surviving and thriving the next couple of years through unlocking the full potential of existing accounts.

    • Businesses turn to coaching and mentoring

      Learning News | London |

      Coaching and mentoring are making a strong return to learning and development as go to strategies for building skills. Learning News asks the coaching specialist, Laura Walker, for her views on how modern coaching is evolving.