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Watershed’s and GP Strategies’ Annual Learning Measurement Benchmarking Survey Is Now Open

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The survey explores the latest trends in L&D’s capability to measure learning’s impact. The resulting report will be published in early 2024.

The cover of last year's "Measuring the Business Impact of Learning" survey report from Watershed and GP Strategies
The cover of last year's "Measuring the Business Impact of Learning" survey report from Watershed and GP Strategies 

Watershed—experts in learning analytics, measurement, and data analysis—and GP Strategies, a leading workforce transformation partner, have partnered for their eighth annual “Measuring the Business Impact of Learning” survey.

Since launching at the end of 2016, the survey has reached more than 2,600 global L&D leaders and professionals, providing insight into a range of learning measurement topics, including:

  • Executive pressure to measure the business impact of learning
  • Budgets, tools, and capabilities
  • Barriers to effective learning measurement
  • The type of metrics used and when they are set
  • Analytics capability within L&D and recruitment plans

Last year’s report took data analysis to deeper levels than ever before, as it explored the traits that set strategic partner L&D teams apart from the rest. 

The report found strategic partners were more closely aligned with the business on a number of measures—from the way they set a budget to the way they measure success. Strategic partners were, for example, 25% more likely to assess their learning programs by business impact. 

“To see the value of collecting and analyzing data, one can look to this very survey,” said David Ells, Managing Director of Watershed. “As we continue to take the pulse of learning analytics in the marketplace year after year, we're able to understand and share both long-term trends and new insights.”

This analysis is intended to inspire the L&D community and the wider business with the next steps to progress their measurement journey and maturity. 

“Last year's report showed how organizations with top quality learning measurement are able to deliver corporate agility,” said Piers Lea, Chief Strategy Officer of Learning Technologies Group, the parent company of Watershed and GP Strategies. 

“Measuring impact relies on having learner data in the store, a need that’s never been more important. This process also equips you to realize the potential for artificial intelligence to help learners keep up in the upcoming onslaught of business automation. AI can use consistently gathered data to derive powerful insights. But if you don't have the data, you won't get the insights.”

The survey will remain open until Friday, Dec. 15 and only takes five minutes to complete. Upon completing the survey, respondents will be pointed to a “measurement toolkit” page, which includes a selection of useful free resources—including instant access to last year’s report.

“As we evolve the kind of information we gather in the survey, we remain excited each year to hear from you, to learn from you, and to share with you what we've learned,” Ells said. “Make your voice heard by participating in the survey, and we'll make sure you're first to see the results!”

Click here to participate in this year’s Measuring the Business Impact of Learning survey.

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Founded in Nashville, Tenn., in 2016, Watershed is a Learning Analytics Platform that lets you measure and prove the business impact of learning. Watershed is a customizable SaaS-based solution that collects, aggregates, and standardizes data from across your learning ecosystem. By matching this with other data sets—such as HRIS or other performance data—Watershed’s reporting lets you assess the effectiveness of your learning programs, learner performance, and vendor effectiveness.

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