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Evaluation Experts Kirkpatrick Partners sign Exclusive UK Agreement with DPG

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US based evaluation experts Kirkpatrick Partners have chosen DPG plc to exclusively promote and deliver their globally recognised Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification – Bronze and Silver Level Programmes in the UK and Ireland.


For over 60 years the Kirkpatrick Evaluation model has been the go to evaluation model for L&D professionals across the globe. Over those 60 years the world of L&D has moved on dramatically, but the same challenges of demonstrating value and performance improvement continue to face the industry. 

With budgets being scrutinised and everyone becoming digital savvy, proving what value is added by L&D is proving more important today than ever before for modern day learning professionals.

Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick have successfully taken the original Kirkpatrick Model and completely reworked it for the modern L&D professional to create the New World Kirkpatrick Model.

To compliment the New World methodology they have designed internationally recognised Certification Programmes that give L&D professionals all the tools and techniques needed to become experts in evaluation. 

When asked about the partnership Robert Wagner, Commercial Director at DPG, said 
“We are proud to have been chosen to exclusively represent The Kirkpatrick Partners in the UK and Ireland, we’ve had a close relationship with them since 2011 and have successfully certified well over 1000 L&D professionals to date. This exclusive partnership enables us to continue to develop the essential skills and knowledge that are needed to keep L&D professionals current, and move the industry forwards towards true business partnership and performance improvement.” 

The Kirkpatrick Certification Programmes are now available on both an open and in house basis for L&D teams of all sizes.