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Fuse licenses RedThread Research analysis of next-gen learning methods

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Fuse-licensed research reveals the +60 next-gen learning methods being deployed by organisations in the new world of work.


New research conducted by RedThread Research, and licensed by learning and knowledge platform, Fuse, has revealed the different next-gen learning methods that organisations are using to upskill and develop employees in the new world of work.

Designed to help learning leaders assess and understand their L&D options, the research identifies more than 60 learning methods and behaviours, many of which are being leveraged in new ways to support more personalisation and self-service. 

Commenting on the research findings and the importance of aligning learning methods with learner and organisational needs, Roberta Gogos, VP of Marketing, Fuse, said: “It’s clear that making knowledge accessible to learners is the biggest and most overriding factor for learning and performance success.

“The way in which individual learners consume that knowledge will vary according to their individual learning styles, but the common denominator here is that learners need instant access to learning on the job - and organisations need to ensure the right methods and tools are in place to deliver that.”

Download the full research report to view the next-gen learning methods, along with advice on how to choose the right combinations of learning methods to ensure flexible and personalised learner experiences: