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eCom Scotland’s Answer to Professional Institutes’ Mission-Critical Issues

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According to the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland, using technology to provide accessible assessments, available ‘24/7’, goes a long way towards helping professional institutes meet their mission-critical issues.

eCom Scotland guest blogger, Bob Little
eCom Scotland guest blogger, Bob Little 

In a blog post, eCom explains that those involved in the professional institutes’ sector face such mission-critical issues as how do we:

  • Ensure people want to join, and stay with, our institute?
  • Attract and support a younger demographic in terms of membership?
  • Establish a strong infrastructure and effective online processes?
  • Collect meaningful data and manage that data effectively – online – to help our members be more productive and advance their careers?

These issues – and effective ways of solving them – are interconnected, argues guest blogger Bob Little, whose work in the online learning technologies sector is known around the world.

Bob’s research points to the younger people whom institutes are keen to attract into membership increasingly wanting information and other career support – notably qualification information and assessment – delivered online. In addition, technology makes easier the collection, monitoring and management of members’ professional activities, in terms of continuous professional development (CPD) and qualifications.

His article explains that online, or eAssessments, can:

  • Improve the assessment process and streamline internal operations
  • Be applied in all areas where competency needs to be demonstrated
  • Provide a faster and highly cost-effective solution, compared with paper-based systems
  • Reduce the time and administration burden involved in the qualifications process – saving a professional institute time and money
  • Track and report on the wide range of information required for compliance auditing, producing secure data and real-time definitive evidence to show members’ competency in particular subject areas – enabling the institute to target recommendations to support members to help them improve their competency via CPD

“eAssessment offers organisations many advantages over a traditional paper-based approach to assessment,” agreed Linda Steedman, Chair of eCom Learning Solutions. “These include cost savings, convenience, ease of marking and speeding up the process of the qualifications being awarded as the result of the assessments.

“And now that candidates receive a digital badge instead of a paper certificate, they can display this on their social media profiles – allowing them to demonstrate the qualifications they hold.”

The article sets out how eCom is working with an international professional institute in the oil and gas sector to monitor student progress, automatically mark online tests, record practical assessments, manage and verify certificates, as well as deal with question authoring and multiple translation versions. Among other things, this solution – known as FORUM - enables candidates to register, update their details, locate a centre and participate in assessments, as well as allowing external users such as employers to authenticate and check the validity of a certificate.

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