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Bridge Is Recognized as a Customer Experience Champion in Learning Management

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Info-Tech's Software Reviews named Bridge an Emotional Footprint Champion in the Learning Management Midmarket category based on customer satisfaction and product impact.

Info-Tech's Software Reviews has named Bridge an Emotional Footprint Champion in the LMS midmarket category based on customer satisfaction and product impact.
Info-Tech's Software Reviews has named Bridge an Emotional Footprint Champion in the LMS midmarket category based on customer satisfaction and product impact. 

Award-winning L&D platform Bridge is proud to be recognized as a champion in customer experience by Info-Tech's SoftwareReviews in its latest Learning Management System Emotional Footprint ranking.

As a top-scoring learning platform, users highly rate their experience, earning Bridge a +81% Net Emotional Footprint Score.

The SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint rating is informed by customer feedback and ranks products based on emotional response ratings in over 20 areas of the vendor relationship, including:

  • Service experience
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation and contract experience
  • Strategy and innovation
  • Product impact

By aggregating user review data, peer review platform SoftwareReviews measures and ranks solutions based on the strength of the relationship between customer and vendor. This information creates a clear and unbiased view of user sentiment to accentuate the solutions that provide an exceptional customer experience and offer outstanding value.

Bridge users rate their experience highly and feel that Bridge Learn delivers exceptional value. Customers also shared positive sentiments about their experiences, highlighting key areas including:

  • Improved performance outcomes: 90% of customers agree that Bridge enhances performance and creates a positive workplace culture.
  • Unparalleled customer support: With a reputation for exceeding customer expectations and providing high-quality onboarding training and support, 94% of users describe their service experience as 'respectful' and 'caring.'
  • Streamlining processes for admins: Creating and distributing courses is quick and easy, and 91% of customers say the platform enables productivity.
  • Easy to use and navigate: Bridge's tools are designed to be simple yet powerful for learners and admins. As a result, 83% of customers say they're satisfied with the ease of implementation.
  • Continually improving product strategy and innovation: 86% are satisfied with product enhancements and believe Bridge inspires them to improve internal processes and performance.

"Bridge passionately believes in the power of people, and it's always been our mission to create tools that enable connection and empower growth," says Drew Stinger, Director of Marketing. "We're proud to see that customers have positive experiences with Bridge and are using the platform to help them transform their learning experiences."

Download the Emotional Impact Report to explore the findings and read customer feedback about why they recommend Bridge's LMS.

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