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    • Global E-learning service market to reach $137 billion in 2025

      Learning News | Dublin, Research and Markets |

      A report from Research and Markets has the global e-learning service market growing at a CAGR of 15.61% reaching a total market size of US$137.754 billion in 2025 from US$57.702 billion in 2019.

    • The Next Decade in Learning

      Learning News | London |

      Harry Chapman-Walker introduces Kallidus’ wide-reaching learner survey of over 1,000 learners’ views of L&D.

    • Totara announces performance and engagement platforms

      Learning News | London |

      Totara, the open source learning management system vendor, is to announce the introduction of Totara Perform and Totara Engage, as part of a significant update of the Totara suite.

    • Open source learning management system services

      Learning News | London |

      eThink Education provides services for integrating the Moodle Workplace and Totara LMSs within organizational learning ecosystems: CEO and Founder, Brian Carlson talks to Learning News at Learning Technologies 2020.

    • Good Practice, Towards Maturity and Mind Tools combine into Emerald: Peter Casebow on LNTV

      Learning Now tv | London |

      On March’s LNTV show Peter Casebow talks about combining Good Practice, Towards Maturity and MindTools into the Emerald Publishing Group. QA’s Lucy Cartlidge talks about change in the L&D space and her hopes for the Women in Learning movement. Plus Stephan Fahey on performance coaching, Karl Kapp on microlearning and Jane Hart on how to build a culture of continuous learning.

    • Degreed: user focus and new markets

      Learning News | London |

      Degreed’s Nick Christian and Sarah Danzl in discussion with Learning News at Learning Technologies 2020, on the addition of Adepto, the L&D market and 2020 expansion plans.

    • MicroLearn joins The Access Group

      Learning News | London |

      Anthony Edwards talks about the acquisition of MicroLearn by The Access Group in an interview with Learning News at Learning Technologies 2020.

    • Learning in the flow of work: Bob Mosher on Learning Now tv

      Learning Now tv | London |

      On January’s LNTV show Nigel Paine interviews the learning in the flow of work evangelist and pioneer, Bob Mosher. Plus Jane Daly on Towards Maturity’s annual benchmark, Robin Hoyle on personalised learning and LNTV talks to digital learning market analyst, David Perring.

    • The modern learner, performance and L&D

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Toby Harris, head of solutions at Filtered, the company behind the learning recommendations engine, magpie, explains why developing skills lies at the heart of developing performance.

    • Life Skills: Resilience

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Liggy Webb discusses Resilience, one of a series of short books in her ‘Life Skills Library’.

    • Making learning technologies work today

      Learning News | NEC, Birmingham |

      Reflections on the keynote presentation by Rachel Hutchinson, Director of L&D at Hilti, at World of Learning 2019.