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Learning habits: neuroscientist Amy Brann on LNTV

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LNTV, Feb 24: Neuroscientist Amy Brann discusses learning habits and effective learning; Gemma Towersey discusses learning design; Martin Couzins has a new report into climate change and sustainability and asks how it may affect the workplace; Robin Hoyle looks at why Tik Tok dissolved its L&D department; plus a news round up from Learning News.


On Learning Now TV this week neuroscience expert Amy Brann joins Nigel to explore how good learning habits lead to effective learning.

Gold Learning Technologies award winner Gemma Towersey from MindTools for Business  reflects on winning Learning Designer of the Year, in discussion with Kate.

Plus on this month's LNTV, we have Martin Couzins with a report into how the workplace may continue to see significant change in response to climate change and sustainability. Robin Hoyle looks at Tik Tok's recent move to disband its learning and development department and we have a news round up from Rob Clarke at Learning News.

The next Learning Now tv live streamed programme is on Thursday Feb 24 at 10 am UK time. And the full programme will be available on catch up from the LNTV website three days later. 

The full programme of interviews and features for LNTV Feb 24:

  1. Neuroscience expert Amy Brann talks to Nigel about focusing on establishing good learning habits is what helps to make learning more effective.

  2. Gemma Towersey won the Gold Award for Learning Designer of the Year at the recent Learning Technologies Awards and she discusses with Kate how she has honed her craft over the years.

  3. Martin Couzins this month discusses a fascinating report on climate change and sustainability, and considers how it may affect the workplace - and L&D - sooner than you think.

  4. Robin Hoyle investigates whether the decision by social media giant Tik Tok’s parent company to dissolve its talent development department is an act of corporate vandalism - or something rather more positive?

  5. LNTV News Bulletin - our regular roundup of the latest industry news from Rob Clarke, principal at Learning News. This month he focuses on the Global Sentiment Survey and the Learning Awards.

The next Learning Now tv programme is on Feb 24 at 10 am UK time with the live social stream with Colin Steed starting at 9.50 am UK time.