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Growth Engineering Partner With Inclusion Crowd to Drive Diversity

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Growth Engineering are excited to announce a newly formed partnership with Inclusion Crowd. This partnership will utilise Inclusion Crowd's knowledge and experience in the Diversity & Inclusion space to create a training and accreditation programme powered by Growth Engineering's learning technology suite. The ultimate goal is to help organisations create more inclusive and diverse cultures and to enable high performing teams.


Growth Engineering’s solutions will empower Inclusion Crowd to change the narrative around Inclusion, Diversity & Equality. This process will be supported by The Academy LMS and The Knowledge Arcade. 

  • The Academy LMS: The world’s most engaging learning management system

  • The Knowledge Arcade: A groundbreaking microlearning app solution

These solutions blend gamification and social learning to create engaging and impactful learning experiences. With these tools, Inclusion Crowd can equip individuals and organisations with all the knowledge they need to create real and meaningful change. 

These platforms will also be used to support Inclusion Crowd’s ‘Licence to Recruit’ and ‘Licence to Hire’ programmes. 

  • The Licence to Recruit provides a guarantee that your recruitment services meet the defined standards for Inclusion and Diversity within the recruitment cycle. Licence to Recruit is an official ‘Certification Mark’ granted by the Intellectual Property Office. 

  • The Licence to Hire ensures that anyone making hiring decisions on behalf of an organisation is equipped and confident in making decisions that meet the defined standards for Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace. 

‘Inclusion and diversity is much more than a trendy box-ticking exercise. At its core it is about ensuring organisations are truly reflective of the societies in which they operate. Organisations who understand the importance of DE&I ethically, will also benefit from a massive P&L upside; through better attraction and retention, innovation and staff engagement, high performing teams and both client and customer satisfaction.  

The next 10 years will see the biggest cultural shift we have ever seen, with the top two priorities being the environment and inclusion. It is time for organisations to dramatically improve their DE&I performance or risk being left behind. As such, we're excited to partner with Growth Engineering and utilise their powerful learning technology to deliver our vision of DE&I excellence,’ said Ed Jervis, Chief Disrupter at Inclusion Crowd. 

Growth Engineering’s founder and Managing Director, Juliette Denny, had this to say about the partnership:

‘Diversity and inclusion are very close to our hearts here at Growth Engineering, so we are thrilled and proud to partner with the wonderful Inclusion Crowd. Together we can help organisations create more inclusive and diverse cultures. 

Here at Growth Engineering we have three clearly defined values: Be Kind, Be Bold and Be Responsible. We believe this partnership ticks all three boxes and then some. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Inclusion Crowd.’

About Inclusion Crowd:

Inclusion Crowd are determined to ‘do things differently’. They are focused on changing the narrative and seeing real results. They believe the current rate-of-change is too slow and that we need to be much more innovative and driven when it comes to DE&I.

Inclusion and Diversity has, in many sectors, become an echo-chamber or a tick box exercise, instead of being seen as the single biggest growth opportunity of the next 10 years. Inclusion Crowd fight against the deep-rooted societal issues reflected in many organisational cultures and in doing so deliver upside directly to their client’s bottom line!

Although diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has started to take prominence in organisational cultures, organisations still run the risk of not achieving, sustaining and understanding diverse, inclusive and equal environments. With Inclusion Crowd’s help, you can increase profitability by creating inclusive cultures and high performing teams. By focusing on DEI, organisations can attract top talent and increase retention, innovation and agility. 

Inclusion Crowd work with the Intellectual Property Office to offer a variety of DEI learning programmes and licenses. Inclusion Crowd’s solutions include:

  • Licence to Recruit: The industry standard for Inclusion within the recruitment cycle

  • Licence to Hire: The industry standard for Inclusion when hiring

  • Licence to Lead: The industry standard for inclusion when leading and managing diverse teams

  • Licence to Invest: The industry standard for inclusion performance for shareholders and investors 

  • Licence to Procure: The industry standard for managing inclusion within the supply chain

Completing courses on these industry standards allow individuals and organisations to receive the Official Certification Mark. By holding the official certification mark, individuals or organisations demonstrate the best-practice in diversity, equity and inclusion to clients, candidates and customers. 

Find out more about Inclusion Crowd on their website or contact them at [email protected].