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Interview with Adam Poulter, Sponge’s new CEO

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Sponge, one of the UK's best known elearning providers, appointed a new CEO last year. Adam Poulter joined the group following Sponge's acquisition by Aliter Capital and he joins Learning News to talk about the market, business challenges and his plans for the group.


Two years ago the digital learning business Sponge became part of a new group of digital learning businesses along with Bolt, a learning management system, Skill Pill, a soft skills provider and Idox, a compliance elearning developer. Last year it announced the appointment of a new CEO, Adam Poulter, to lead the group.

Adam is new to the digital learning market. His background is in media, advertising and tech services and he has experience with growing businesses.

Adam Poulter joins Learning News to talk about the market, the priorities for the workplace learning sector as we merge from the pandemic and his plans for Sponge and the wider group. 

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