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Celebrating Leadership and Empowerment: with LPI's Women in Learning Leadership Project

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As the world marked International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, ARuVR was proud to announce a notable development in our ongoing commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the tech and learning sectors.


The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is an esteemed organisation that has been at the forefront of driving excellence and innovation in workplace learning. Known for its comprehensive certification programmes, thought leadership, and advocacy for high standards across the learning and development industry, the LPI has established itself as a pivotal entity in shaping the future of education and professional growth.

Our partnership with the LPI is underscored by significant milestones, including ARuVR becoming the first XR platform to be awarded Accredited Provider status by the LPI, and the appointment of our CEO and Founder, Frank Furnari, to the LPI Advisory Board. These developments reflect a mutual commitment to not only advancing technological innovations in learning but also ensuring these advancements contribute to a fair, inclusive, and empowered learning ecosystem. The synergy between ARuVR’s cutting-edge Extended Reality (XR) solutions and the LPI’s authoritative position in the learning industry magnifies our collective impact, setting new benchmarks for excellence and inclusivity in learning and development.

Our Head of Marketing, Eleonora Rocca, has now been honoured as a founding member of the Women’s Inclusion in Learning Leadership (WILL), an influential initiative powered by our partners at LPI.

"Joining forces with the LPI on the WILL initiative is a milestone that fills us with immense pride at ARuVR. It signifies a strengthening bond between ARuVR and the LPI, rooted in our shared commitment to fostering diversity and championing women's leadership in the learning sector. This collaboration is a powerful testament to our dedication to creating a more inclusive and equitable future in education and technology." Eleonora Rocca, Head of Marketing , ARuVR®

This ground-breaking project aims to highlight and celebrate the substantial contributions of women leaders in the learning space. WILL has been designed to not only recognise these achievements but also to build a dynamic, supportive community that expands opportunities for all women in learning, encompassing a wide range of roles from instructional design to leadership positions within organisations. 

A Focus on Empowerment and Community

At the heart of WILL’s mission is the drive to uplift, connect, and empower women leaders across the spectrum. The initiative places a strong emphasis on peer support and networking, providing a platform for women to share experiences, challenges, and successes. It’s about creating a space where women can learn from one another, offer guidance, and build lasting professional relationships.

WILL endeavours to serve as a catalyst for change, challenging the status quo and working towards a learning industry that is as equitable as it is innovative. By fostering an environment that supports and encourages women, WILL believes it can contribute to reshaping the landscape of leadership in learning, making it more inclusive and diverse.

An Invitation to Join the Movement

As ARuVR embarks on this journey with WILL, we extend an invitation to our community to engage with and support this vital initiative. Participation in WILL offers a unique opportunity to be part of a movement dedicated to enhancing the role of women in learning and leadership. It’s a chance to contribute to building a more inclusive industry that values diversity and harnesses the potential of all its members.

Discover more about the Women’s Inclusion in Learning Leadership initiative and how you can become involved by visiting WILL’s webpage. This is more than just a membership; it’s a commitment to driving progress and embracing change.

A Commitment to Inclusion

For ARuVR, the partnership with WILL underscores our ethos of inclusion, extending beyond mere rhetoric to embody our fundamental principles. We are determined to collaborate with WILL and other leaders in the field, including our advisor Dr. Serena Gonsalves-Fersch,  and the esteemed women spearheading this initiative, to cultivate an industry that champions equality and diversity.

We stand in solidarity with Eleonora and the remarkable women leading WILL, including luminaries like Jackie Barefield , Sara Burrell, Kelly Davis , and many others who are paving the way for a more inclusive future.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to the transformative impact WILL, will have on the learning industry. Through collaboration, support, and a shared vision, we are confident in our collective ability to foster a more inclusive and diverse environment for all women in learning.

Together, we can create a future where diversity and inclusion are not just goals but realities. Join us in this empowering journey towards making a difference in the lives of women leaders in learning and beyond.