News stories from Learning News in 2020

Elearning scams highlighted in Digital Learning report

Learning News | 07 Sep 2020

Learning News has contributed to a special report in The Times this week about elearning scams.

Elearning Market to exceed USD 375 billion in 5 years

Learning News | 28 Aug 2020

Elearning Market size is set to exceed USD 375 billion by 2026, according to a research report by Global Market Insights.

NetSupport launches classroom management and teaching platform

Learning News | 28 Aug 2020

NetSupport has launched a classroom management and teaching platform to help educators blend school and home learning experiences enabling teachers and learners to move between in-class and remote schooling.

UNESCO Mobile Learning Week

Learning News | 24 Aug 2020

Online edition MLW 2020: Registration and call for proposals & innovations are open.

John Yates on his new role as CEO at Emerald Works

Learning News | 22 Jun 2020

John Yates talks to Learning News following his appointment as CEO at Emerald Works, the newly-launched business combining Good Practice, Mind Tools and Towards Maturity.

Business impact of learning: Interview with Ella Richardson, LEO

Learning News | 10 Jun 2020

Ella Richardson from LEO Learning in discussion with Learning News: an update on LEO Learning’s focus, an assessment of the evolving L&D landscape and the challenge that remains for L&D to prove its value.

Modern learning environments: Nigel Paine

Learning News | 05 Jun 2020

Nigel Paine discusses the differences between traditional and modern learning environments and the common challenges learning and development finds in building them.

Elearning authoring: interview with Mike Alcock, Gomo Learning

Learning News | 04 Jun 2020

Mike Alcock from Gomo Learning in discussion with Learning News about the ease of use and scalability of the Gomo elearning authoring application.

Driving business value in L&D: interview with Steve Dineen

Learning News | 03 Jun 2020

Steve Dineen discusses Fuse Universal’s focus, evolution in the market and driving business value in L&D.

Sales training: competitive advantage - interview with Richard Barkey

Learning News | 02 Jun 2020

Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO of Imparta, talks about challenges in sales, Imparta’s approach its newly launched 3D Advantage™ sales and service skills model.

Coronavirus, the learning sector’s response: IT training and online demand

Learning News | 15 May 2020

Investing in analytics: Louise Pasterfield, Sponge

Learning News | 12 May 2020

Super-personalisation of content

Learning News | 30 Apr 2020

Coronavirus, the learning sector’s response: learning design; sales and marketing

Learning News | 16 Apr 2020

Making great places to work - an interview with Saba’s Andrea Miles

Learning News | 15 Apr 2020

Global E-learning service market to reach $137 billion in 2025

Learning News | 08 Apr 2020

The Next Decade in Learning

Learning News | 01 Apr 2020

Totara announces performance and engagement platforms

Learning News | 31 Mar 2020

Open source learning management system services

Learning News | 30 Mar 2020

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