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John Yates on his new role as CEO at Emerald Works

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John Yates talks to Learning News following his appointment as CEO at Emerald Works, the newly-launched business combining Good Practice, Mind Tools and Towards Maturity.

John Yates in discussion with Learning News, following his appointment as CEO at Emerald Works
John Yates in discussion with Learning News, following his appointment as CEO at Emerald Works 

Emerald Works launched earlier this year and has announced the appointment of John Yates, the former CEO of City & Guilds Corporate Learning, to lead the new business.

In an interview with Learning News, John discusses the core values of the business, the challenge that lies ahead, including the immediate priorities of the business to support the return to work, following the Coronavirus pandemic. 

“L&D had an urgent, critical role in handling the transition to home working, in helping to re skill themselves, their teams, but also the whole of their business. We're now thinking about supporting folks who are returning to work, as well as those adjusting to working from home for the long term,” explained John Yates.

We asked John about the issues facing his L&D customers and he points to the same need that L&D has wrestled with for some time, to align with their business’ and organisation’s aims: “L&D wants to remain relevant and business-critical in future, that's what I've heard from a number of L&D customers,” explained Yates.

Emerald Works has just launched its 2020 Health Check, which is open for all in L&D to participate in and shows people how their digital learning maturity compares with other organisations. The 2020 Health Check includes questions on the impact of COVID-19 on the L&D sector. 

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