Learning News with CEOs

Views from the top: Interviews with the learning sector’s Chief Executive Officers

Julian Roberts, Essential Skillz
Compliance learning
20 Mar 2019
Martin Baker, Clear Lessons
Video learning
20 Mar 2019
Richard Barkey, Imparta
Sales learning
14 Mar 2019
Ben Betts, HT2 Labs
Learning experience platforms
12 Mar 2019
Louise Pasterfield, Sponge
Creativity and developing people
8 Mar 2019
Paul McElvaney, Learning Pool
Learning in the workflow
7 Mar 2019
Phil Saunders, Saba
Priorities, learning market, Lumesse
6 Mar 2019
Ali Soper, MicroLearn
Bite-sized learning
2 Mar 2019
Matthew Lloyd, Omniplex
Animation in learning
17 Dec 2018
Ed Monk, LPI
New roles in learning
4 Oct 2018
Steve Dinnen, Fuse
Next generation learning
5 Sep 2018
Laura Overton, Towards Maturity
The Transformation Journey
13 Feb 2019


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