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Driving business value in L&D: interview with Steve Dineen

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Steve Dineen discusses Fuse Universal’s focus, evolution in the market and driving business value in L&D.

Steve Dineen, Chief Storyteller, Fuse Universal
Steve Dineen, Chief Storyteller, Fuse Universal 

In an interview with Learning News Steve Dineen talks about the challenge in the L&D market and Fuse's focus in 2020 on presenting an integrated learning platform that brings together many of the core technologies that organisations are looking for in their learning systems, including next generation technology and LMS functionality under one umbrella.

Steve Dineen explains: “The skills life within every organisation is getting shorter and shorter, down from ten years, to five years, to two and half years. The acceleration of skills and digital disruption means that the old way of the answer is a course, deliverted out to ‘x’ number people, it just doesn't fit anymore.”

“CEO's feel that 92% of L&D programmes are ineffective and are not driving value. How do we think through this ‘CEO business chanllenge’ towards all of the tools, techniques and services, content types, we can use to drive each programme to deliver measurably against each business challenge.” 

Steve Dineen's interview with Learning News was recorded at LT2020 before the current lockdown restrictions. Watch all of the Learning News interviews from LT2020.