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Business impact of learning: Interview with Ella Richardson, LEO

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Ella Richardson from LEO Learning in discussion with Learning News: an update on LEO Learning’s focus, an assessment of the evolving L&D landscape and the challenge that remains for L&D to prove its value.

Ella Richardson, LEO Learning, in discussion with Learning News
Ella Richardson, LEO Learning, in discussion with Learning News 

Learning News caught up with Ella Richardson from LEO Learning at the Learning Technologies event earlier this year. Ella provides an update on LEO Learning, its focus on supporting organisations through change and how technology is supporting learners in news ways. Ella points to how L&D is moving on from its past, 'transactional' mindset but remains challenged by showing its value and proving what it does works.

Ella Richardson explains: “We are looking at how technology is supporting learning in organisations in new ways and where we can take connected learners and connect up systems to really change the face of learning.”

“The key challenge for me in L&D at the moment is moving from this transactional mindset, but is something we are still facing after a number of years. We need to move L&D to partner with the organisation and to be the performance consulting, transformation experts that are going to enable organisations to thrive in the future.” 

“Being able to demonstrate the value and prove what we are doing works is something that is still painful in L&D,” Ella adds.

Ella Richardson’s interview with Learning News was recorded at LT2020 just before the Coronavirus restrictions. Watch all of the Learning News interviews from LT2020.