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Sales training: competitive advantage - interview with Richard Barkey

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Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO of Imparta, talks about challenges in sales, Imparta’s approach its newly launched 3D Advantage™ sales and service skills model.

Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO, Imparta
Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO, Imparta 

In an interview with Learning News Richard Barkey talks about the challenges in sales and Imparta’s newly launched 3D Advantage sales and service skills model.

Richard Barkey explains: “We are launching a new research-based offering, which focuses on the three dimensions of sales and learning enablement, insight, influence and trust and we've rebranded around that, the 3D Advantage. ”

“Along with that we are relaunching a new set of elearning content and a new subscription-based model that allows people to access the whole curriculum. And we are luanching a new version of our learning platform, iCoach and new app, iCoachGo.”

Richard Barkey's interview with Learning News was recorded at LT2020 just before the Coronavirus restrictions. Watch all of the Learning News interviews from LT2020.