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Beyond elearning: interview with Mark Broadbent from GuyKat

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Mark Broadbent from GuyKat talks to Learning News about GuyKat’s position in the market, its plans to grow and its priorities for the year ahead.

Mark Broadbent, Chief Operating Officer, GuyKat
Mark Broadbent, Chief Operating Officer, GuyKat 

Learning News spoke to GuyKat’s Chief Operating Officier, Mark Broadbent at Learning Technologies, to get his views on the market and the challenges ahead. 

We asked Mark about GuyKat’s plans for the year ahead. The company is looking to expand at both its new Birmingham, UK headquarters and in the US, through the recently acquired MTE Services business in Florida.

“GuyKat’s challenges in the market for 2020 is really about growth. We’ve been growing for the last 10 years and we are accelerating our growth at the moment. For us it’s about how to bring on the right talent,” explained Mark Broadbent.

In both its locations, GuyKat has open job vacancies currently: “It’s got to be the right people, we’ve got a strong brand around the quality of our content, the relationships that we build with people. So, we need to make sure we are bringing on people that can continue that relationship, continue building that culture,” added Mark Broadbent.

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