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Skillcast intelligent learning: tailoring elearning to suit each learner

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Simon Truckle explains how Skillcast is using technology to improve engagement and outcomes of compliance learning.

Simon Truckle, Head of Consultancy, Skillcast
Simon Truckle, Head of Consultancy, Skillcast 

Skillcast exhibited at Learning Technologies for the first time in 2020 and we caught up with head of consulting, Simon Truckle, to find out about Skillcast's proposition.

We asked Simon about the challenges in the market and what makes Skillcast different.

Simon spoke about what Skillcast calls 'intelligent learning' and the technology that underpins their approach, which enables Skillcast to tailor elearning content to meet the job tasks and abilitiy of each learner. Simon also explained how Skillcast has been at the forefront of accessibility and mobile development for compliance learning.

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