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Learning Pool and the modern learning ecosystem

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Ben Betts, Chief Product Officer, Learning Pool, explains his view of the modern learning ecosystem and Learning Pool’s product strategy.

Ben Betts, Chief Product Officer, Learning Pool, in discussion with Learning News at Learning Technologies 2020
Ben Betts, Chief Product Officer, Learning Pool, in discussion with Learning News at Learning Technologies 2020 

At Learning Technologies 2020 last month we spent some time with Learning Pool’s chief product officer, Ben Betts, who's company HT2 Labs was bought by Learning Pool in 2019. Six months on we were keen to find out what the strategy was for the combined Learning Pool product portfolio and where its priorities lay.

Ben Betts started by explaining how, in each organisation, a host of technologies, products and services often provided by many different vendors, comprise three broad layers of a learning ecosystem: learners' experience, learning content and learner data. He explained how Learning Pool has widened its capability in these areas and that it has established a ‘single-point-of-contact’ service to help organisations to manage each part of their ecosystem, and the increasing complexity.

“Not many partners or vendors have actually got to the stage where they can offer something in each of those categories. It tends to be that you get an LMS with an update or content that might be a bit of an LXP. They’re all incredibly strong with Learning Pool. You bring them all together to a single service offering and we actually do think that we are different in the marketplace,” explained Ben Betts. 

He adds: “The whole learning technologies environment is getting more and more complex; it’s difficult to manage. Learning Pool is now able to offer is a seamless integration between lots of different types of products and a single person to call, a single account manager, a single number to ring when something goes wrong. It can be incredibly complex and difficult to manage all of the complexity that comes with all of these products in learning technology. Learning Pool hopes to be the first to be able to offer all of the tech but without the complexity of having to manage loads of different vendors.”

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