News stories from Learning News in 2018

Richard McCann on presenting

Learning News | 07 Dec 2018

International speaker, Richard McCann, talks about his life story and how teachers and business leaders inspired his career on the world stage.

The Apprenticeship Levy in L&D

Learning News | 05 Dec 2018

Ennis Reid, Head of Learning and Development at Quilter, talks about funding L&D programmes with the Apprenticeship Levy.

More boys apply to top universities; but more girls get accepted

Learning News | 29 Nov 2018

Male students are as much as 50% more likely to apply to prestigious Ivy League or Russell Group universities than their female counterparts, according to new research by university and careers guidance platform, BridgeU.

Thrive Learning launches

Learning News | 23 Nov 2018

Tom Beale and Will Towse explain what Thrive Learning, a new elearning company, brings to the UK market.

Virtual reality training from Virtual College

Learning News | 20 Nov 2018

Filmed at World of Learning in October Jaison Cresswell gives a market update on Virtual College and introduces its virtual reality training partnership with C-Live.

Personal, just-in-time microlearning

Learning News | 15 Nov 2018

Joe Birri talks about Unicorn Training’s mobile learning app, minds-i.

Chatbots in learning and development

Learning News | 14 Nov 2018

Mike Newton talks about the progress Learning Pool is making with its chatbot and AI technology.

L&D trends: Sean Nugent, LEO Learning

Learning News | 12 Nov 2018

Sean Nugent of LEO Learning speaks to Learning News at this year's World of Learning event about the L&D landscape and LEO Learning's focus.

Learning Leaders - David Wilson on learning systems

Learning News | 12 Nov 2018

Market analyst, David Wilson, talks to Learning News about the learning market and how it's responding to unprecedented business change. In part three we look at how the LMS market is adapting to users' expectations and the emergence of next generation learning environments.

The digital skills gap: how close is L&D to understanding it?

Learning News | 08 Nov 2018

Paul Freeman, Global Knowledge, in an interview with Learning News at World of Learning 2018, talks about the digital skills gap, learning and development and building the future workforce.

Chatbots and the learning experience

Learning News | 05 Nov 2018

People experience at River Island

Learning News | 29 Oct 2018

Mental health awareness training

Learning News | 26 Oct 2018

Inside World of Learning 2018

Learning News | 25 Oct 2018

World of Learning: Asma Shah

Learning News | 24 Oct 2018

Innovations in humanitarian learning

Learning News | 06 Oct 2018

Artificial intelligence and personalisation in learning

Learning News | 06 Oct 2018

End-to-end learner experience at Aviva

Learning News | 06 Oct 2018

Analytics and data science in learning and development

Learning News | 06 Oct 2018

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