News stories from Learning News in 2018

Innovations in humanitarian learning

Learning News | 06 Oct 2018

Learning News interviewed Atish Gonsalves of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy at Learning Live, about his organisation's aim to improve the skills of those who respond to crises and disasters around the world.

Artificial intelligence and personalisation in learning

Learning News | 06 Oct 2018

Learning News caught up with Toby Harris of Filtered at Learning Live last month to ask him about the progress being made with artificial intelligence in learning.

End-to-end learner experience at Aviva

Learning News | 06 Oct 2018

Learning News interviewed Gemma Critchley at this year's Learning Live all about her efforts to improve learning outcomes at Aviva by looking at the end-to-end learner experience and how L&D can learn from marketing and social media.

Analytics and data science in learning and development

Learning News | 06 Oct 2018

An interview with Kevin Yates, Fact-Finder for Learning & Development at McDonald’s, about using data science and analytics for answering the question, “Did training work?”

Kate Graham's review of Learning Live 2018

Learning News | 02 Oct 2018

Learning Live 2018 took place in September and Learning News asked Kate Graham, one of the track chairs for the event, for her insights into the key points being made.


Learning News | 27 Sep 2018

LEARNING LIVE 2018 took place earlier this month and Learning News cameras were there to capture what happened.

Learning Leaders - David Wilson on learning market supply and innovation

Learning News | 11 Sep 2018

Market analyst, David Wilson, talks to Learning News about the learning market and how it's responding to unprecedented business change. In part two, David considers how learning is purchased, the health of the learning sector and its cycle of innovation.

Learning Leaders - Steve Dineen explains next generation learning

Learning News | 05 Sep 2018

Learning News caught up with Fuse CEO Steve Dineen and asked him all about next generation learning, its adoption in L&D and whether, in 2018, organisations are ready for it.

Learning Leaders - Lori Niles-Hofmann on data-driven learning design

Learning News | 03 Sep 2018

Lori Niles-Hofmann, Learning Strategist and author of Data-Driven Learning Design, talks to Learning News about using data to make better and faster learning design decisions.

Creativity in learning - Amy Burvall at LTSF 2018

Learning News | 31 Aug 2018

How can workplaces encourage greater creativity and what lessons can be learnt from the world of art? Learning News asked the educator, author and artist, Amy Burvall - the keynote speaker at this year's Learning Technologies Summer Forum.

Learning Now tv and Learning News to report from major learning sector events

Learning News | 25 Jul 2018

How to build a learning culture - Nigel Paine at LTSF 2018

Learning News | 24 Jul 2018

Learning's next big thing: Learning leaders discuss market trends at LTSF 2018

Learning News | 18 Jul 2018

Artificial intelligence in learning - Donald Clark at LTSF 2018

Learning News | 14 Jul 2018

Learning Leaders - David Wilson on digital transformation, agility and L&D

Learning News | 27 Jun 2018

EDUopinions ranks German Universities best in Europe

Learning News | 19 Jun 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education Market worth over $6bn by 2024

Learning News | 13 Jun 2018

Elearning market worth over $200bn by 2024

Learning News | 19 Apr 2018

Clarion Housing Group in partnership with Ashridge Executive Education to boost leadership

Learning News | 28 Feb 2018