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Learning Leaders - David Wilson on digital transformation, agility and L&D

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Market analyst, David Wilson - CEO of Fosway, talks to Learning News about the learning market and how it's responding to unprecedented business change. In part one we look at L&D's response to the drive for agility across business and the digital transformation agenda.

An interview with market analyst David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group. Part one looks at the digital transformation in learning. We asked David Wilson about L&D's response to digital transformation - both enabling digital transformation in the business and the transformation of learning itself.

David explains that digital transformation in learning is about more than just providing learning digitally. He talks about how L&D can increase agility, improve decision-making, shifts in the make-up of orgainsations, being accountable for performance and business outcomes and about L&D's strategic influence.

The interview was filmed at Fosway Group, Cirencester, in 2018 as part of Learning News' Learning Leaders series.

David Wilson's Learning Leaders interview is being published in four parts:

  • Part one: digital transformation and agility in L&D
  • Part two: learning market supply and innovation (September 2018)
  • Part three: learning systems (November 2018)
  • Part four: HR and learning market 9-Grids (January 2019)