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Learning Leaders - David Wilson on learning market supply and innovation

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Market analyst, David Wilson, talks to Learning News about the learning market and how it's responding to unprecedented business change. In part two, David considers how learning is purchased, the health of the learning sector and its cycle of innovation.

David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group, being interviewed for Learning News' Learning Leaders series
David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group, being interviewed for Learning News' Learning Leaders series 

An interview with market analyst David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group. Part two looks at the supply side of the learning market. We asked David Wilson about market growth, internal and external supply trends, the health and profitability of the supply sector and about innovation in the market.

David raises many important points about the supply sector and makes observations on emerging trends...

  • customers to retain key digital people in L&D to drive transformation - not relying on vendors for all key strategic digital roles
  • large scale of the transformation needed in corporate learning
  • investment in learning technology is increasing in all areas
  • there is a greater maturity in learning technology businesses
  • increase in investor activity and funding
  • new entrants and new types of vendor entering the market
  • immaturity in the managment of innovation
  • the need to see through marketing gloss and recognise the substance behind vendors' innovation
  • vendors to do more to relate innovation to customer's needs and abilities and do more to support the adoption of technology

The interview was filmed at Fosway Group, Cirencester, in 2018 as part of Learning News' Learning Leaders series.

David Wilson's Learning Leaders interview is being published in four parts: