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    • Why should you consider creating mobile learning?

      Netex | Leeds, UK |

      Mobile learning is picking up where e-learning left off. With e-learning, a new era of workplace training began. Businesses suddenly had access to training that learners could do at any place, at any time, and which was much more convenient for them. Well… as long as they had access to a computer.

    • Why changing your LMS doesn't have to be an ordeal

      Netex | Leeds, UK |

      The thought of switching to a new LMS can be daunting to anyone. And who can blame them? With so many big questions to ask, it’s hard to know where to begin. But, luckily, Netex Learning are no strangers to the world of learning management systems. Here, they explore both the fears and the benefits around choosing a new LMS, as well as share their insights into how they are helping to make the migration process less painful for organisations.

    • Netex to host digital training webinar at Leeds Digital Festival

      Netex | Leeds, UK |

      On Wednesday 27th September, Netex Learning will be hosting a webinar at Leeds Digital Festival, ‘How digital technology is helping transform complex training needs’. Exploring the ways digital technology can support and enhance increasingly complex training needs, it’s addressing a very current topic.

    • How to implement social learning into your organisation

      Netex | Leeds, UK |

      There’s been a lot of excited talk about social learning and how it can shake up and revolutionise our workplace training programmes. But what is it, and how does it actually fit in to our L&D strategies? Netex share their ideas about social learning – what it is, how it adds to learning culture – and using their social learning tool, Learning Cloud Share, as an example, they explain how social learning can be implemented into an organisation.

    • Struggling to create a culture for learning?

      Netex | Leeds, UK |

      Netex is running a webinar to address the challenge most L&D functions are struggling to overcome, creating an organisational culture for learning. Happening on Tuesday 18th July at 12pm (BST), they are inviting anyone who works in the L&D industry to join this webinar, as they demonstrate how knowledge sharing platforms, such as their Learning Cloud Share, can help foster a new learning culture.

    • Netex to host their first UK event “Network and Learn” in Leeds

      Netex | Leeds, UK |

      Netex Learning announces their first UK event in Leeds city centre. They aim to provide a space for local businesses to network and share insights, as well as learn how to overcome their industry challenges with the help of Learning and Development.

    • Netex to introduce learner-focused learning ecosystem at Learning Technologies 2023

      Netex | UK |

      Netex are looking to strengthen their position in the UK market, so are taking full advantage of being at Learning Technologies 2023 and launching the latest release of their learning ecosystem, Learning Cloud 6, to the UK audience. It has been developed and built with care. They’ve taken the time to understand what learners want when it comes to training and designed a product that is truly engaging and motivating.

    • Netex shows positive trajectory in Core Leader Zone of 2023 Fosway 9-Grid™

      Netex | Spain |

      Netex are thrilled to see their new and improved position in the Core Leader Zone on the 2023 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning. This new position supports the merger and acquisition strategy with Virtual College, and highlights the combined strengths of both companies with an enhanced product portfolio and improved service capabilities.

    • Fosway recognises Netex as one of Europe’s leading digital learning solutions providers

      Netex | London |

      Netex is proud to be recognized in both the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning and the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems. Being one of the few companies to feature on both Fosway 9-Grids™, Netex not only creates exceptional digital content, but also delivers engaging learning experiences through our learningCloud platform.

    • Netex releases new L&D gamification survey ahead of Learning Technologies

      Netex | London |

      Award winning learning technologies solutions provider Netex has commissioned a brand new gamification readiness survey ahead of Learning Technologies 2016. The survey provides respondents with a personalised report and Netex will discuss initial findings during their seminar slot at the show.

    • Introducing Netex learningCloud

      Netex | London |

      Award winning, innovative learning technologies provider, Netex, has announced that it will be introducing 'Netex learningCloud' at Learning Technologies 2015, ahead of a full product launch at the start of March.

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