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Struggling to create a culture for learning?

Leeds, UKLearning NewsNetex

Netex is running a webinar to address the challenge most L&D functions are struggling to overcome, creating an organisational culture for learning. Happening on Tuesday 18th July at 12pm (BST), they are inviting anyone who works in the L&D industry to join this webinar, as they demonstrate how knowledge sharing platforms, such as their Learning Cloud Share, can help foster a new learning culture.


With more and more pressure being felt by L&D teams to create learning to engage learners, as well as suit their wants and needs, they are finding it increasingly difficult to please everyone. However, realising that there is so much talent found within organisations, sharing the responsibility for learning is just one of the ways helping to make this culture shift.

Using Learning Cloud Share as an example, Netex will be showcasing how effective knowledge sharing platforms can be. They allow users to create a space for the dissemination of informal knowledge, where experts from their organisation share videos, documents and podcasts, to help encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange across different departments, teams, and locations.

This new way of social learning means that organisations can engage and motivate employees to want to learn from their peers. Not only that but it supports social learning and helps to create an organisational culture of continuous learning by accelerating the learner journey past basic training requirements. 

Whilst learning in the flow of work and hybrid working are still impacting how learners learn, organisations need to find a new way of fostering a sense of community and engagement among users by encouraging them to connect, collaborate, and contribute their knowledge and experiences.

All this and more will be covered in this webinar, so if you are keen to find a new way of promoting learning in your organisation, click here to join.