Netex Learning is a global learning technologies company. With offices in Spain, Mexico and the UK, they have a strong international presence, and their 25+ years in the L&D industry means they have a wealth of experience to draw from. They are passionate about learning and development and providing businesses with training that truly makes a difference. Game-changing learning technologies, such as their ecosystem Learning Cloud 6, have always been their bread and butter, but with their recent acquirement of UK-based digital learning provider, Virtual College, they now offer fantastic off-the-shelf training too. This suite of different offerings means they can confidently cater to all businesses and all training needs.

Netex has been a market leader in e-learning solutions since 1997. They have worked with the largest companies in Spain and Portugal and have now expanded our global presence with offices in Latin America and the UK.

Netex is committed to breaking the technological barriers dividing digital solution companies in the fields of education and digital content distribution. As such, they offer flexible, affordable and stimulating solutions which enable companies to enjoy a seamless transition to the digital world.

Netex offers specific e-learning solutions for every market sector. It analyses the individual issues and advises the customer at every stage of the training process, and offers the following: creation of e-learning content, training management platforms, revitalisation and consultancy services, digital content distribution systems.