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Netex to introduce learner-focused learning ecosystem at Learning Technologies 2023

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Netex are looking to strengthen their position in the UK market, so are taking full advantage of being at Learning Technologies 2023 and launching the latest release of their learning ecosystem, Learning Cloud 6, to the UK audience. It has been developed and built with care. They’ve taken the time to understand what learners want when it comes to training and designed a product that is truly engaging and motivating.

Learning Cloud 6 in action
Learning Cloud 6 in action 

The way we learn is changing. As learners, we are now consumers of content. Thanks to the ease in which we can access things, if we want to learn something, we can easily access the relevant how-to video, PDF or instructions. Learning also doesn’t have to be something hard or difficult, it can be something accessible and done in the moment, as and when we need it.

This change of attitude to learning is reflected in the workplace too, and Netex had this in mind when developing the latest version of their learning ecosystem, Learning Cloud 6. They wanted to make sure they designed something that would keep the learner at the heart of any training programme. Its user experience is intuitive, engaging and is very much designed around the learners’ wants and needs. It strikes a balance between making sure the learner completes the training that the business requires of them, as well as allowing them to showcase their expertise in topics by curating content too, which they can share with their peers.

Carlos Ezquerro, CEO of Netex, explains the thinking behind the product. “Not only have we kept the learners at the centre of the product, but we wanted to design something that would create a thriving learning culture in a business. We know lifelong learning and continuous learning are important goals for businesses, and we wanted to make sure Learning Cloud 6 would offer integral support.”

The ecosystem, which can be tailored to suit the needs of any business, includes features such as mobile compatibility and multiple languages and houses three main products:


The LMS has been designed to make learning irresistible to learners, attracting them from the get-go, and, therefore, improving completion rates and visit rates. Its design and functionality carefully considers all users, whether that’s learners or administrators. The learners can easily find the content they need, receive relevant recommendations, and save content for the future, as well as get involved socially, by ranking or commenting on courses and communicating with peers. When it comes to the administration, it will make the team’s tasks easier and more productive. Amongst other things, this includes being able to communicate directly with learners, such as setting content recommendations or helping them solve issues.


Share allows businesses to maximise the talent they have in house. Users can create playlists about topics they are passionate about, and can include a range of different content types, including videos, podcasts, articles and more. Peers can subscribe to them, follow them, comment and communicate through them. It is a great way to encourage continuous learning, and develop a vibrant learning culture.


Author is a fantastic resource as it gives businesses the tools to create their own training, at a pace to suit their business. With two modes – easy and pro – it means that anyone can use it, despite their level of experience creating content. Creating and having control over training content has never been so easy.


Netex will be busy at Learning Technologies 2023. Not only will their Learning Consultants be happy to discuss any L&D issues with visitors, but they are also hosting a couple of seminars. Jez Anderson, Digital Learning Consultant, will be sharing ways to deliver more engaged learning experiences, and Liliana Meneses Gómez, Global Director of Digital Learning at Santander, will be discussing how Santander’s global L&D function had to evolve and adapt as part of the business’s global transformation, and the part they played to help employees build their skills and roles.

If that wasn’t enough, any visitors interested in seeing Learning Cloud 6 in action, will also be able to catch a demo of the product. Make sure to stop by Stand L20 and say hello.

For anyone eager to see a sneak preview of Learning Cloud 6 now, watch this short video.