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Netex to host digital training webinar at Leeds Digital Festival

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On Wednesday 27th September, Netex Learning will be hosting a webinar at Leeds Digital Festival, ‘How digital technology is helping transform complex training needs’. Exploring the ways digital technology can support and enhance increasingly complex training needs, it’s addressing a very current topic.


This will be the first time the Spanish-based company has attended Leeds Digital Festival, and with their new presence in the north of England, they are very excited to be attending.

Established in 2016, the festival was created to provide a platform to celebrate all things digital in the city of Leeds. Between 18th-29th September, the people and organisations who make Leeds and the North such a vibrant hub for digital will host events to inspire, educate and showcase the digital enterprise and innovation that is happening in the city on a regional, national and international level.

Netex’s session is exploring a topic that is rapidly gaining traction in the L&D world – how digital technology can be used to transform training that was, until recently, considered too complex for digital means.

Digital training has a reputation of being boring e-learning courses that you click through, but with the advancement of technology, it can transform our training in astonishing ways, taking training that once would have been impossible to achieve digitally, to new realms. Industries of all kinds are embracing digital technology – from medical institutions to manufacturing industries – and using it to create a unique learning experience for their learners.

This webinar will show L&D professionals, HR leads and any compliance training role how they can utilise digital technology in their training, and take their learning strategies to new levels. Netex leaders – Sarah Baker, Managing Director, Training Solutions and Lucy Lewis, Head of Customer Success – will lead the webinar and bring these challenges to life with case study examples, illustrating how virtual and augmented reality, and other tools, can help enhance learning programmes.

Each speaker has over 15 years in the L&D industry. They have both seen how rapidly learning technology has developed over the years and are passionate about finding ways of using it to engage, connect with, and transform learners and businesses.

Title: How digital technology is helping transform complex training needs

Date: 27 September 2023

Time: 3-4pm

To find out more information and register, visit the Leeds Digital Festival website.