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    • beTravelwise training partnership will promote global worker safety

      Walkgrove |

      Risk management experts beTravelwise are promoting stress-free business travel by distributing travel safety awareness training in partnership with learning consultancy and course designers Walkgrove. More than one in four business travellers have a negative experience, but most employees remain unaware of their company’s travel guidance or policies. The digital learning materials help employers meet their duty of care responsibilities by promoting risk awareness and planning measures to prevent common travel mishaps and improve workplace security in a variety of settings.

    • Semcon expands in digital learning through acquisition in the UK

      Walkgrove | Derbyshire |

      In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of organisations are discovering that digital learning solutions offer learning that is flexible and targeted to their audiences. Through the acquisition of the UK company Walkgrove, Semcon is expanding its leading offering in digital learning with a local presence in a new geographic market.

    • Young Creative Awards nurture “learning designers of the future”

      Walkgrove | Derbyshire |

      Learning consultancy Walkgrove seeks to nurture the next generation of learning designers, visual artists and creatives through sponsorship of this year’s Young Creative Awards. Open to 11- to 24-year-olds, the annual competition celebrates creativity across 11 diverse categories from film, graphic design and music to dance, animation and photography. The awards are designed to help talented young people access education, training and employment opportunities and to support a flourishing cultural and business community.

    • London’s first online cycling course

      Walkgrove | Derby |

      Walkgrove helped to build London’s first online cycling course as part of the Capital’s ‘green recovery’ from COVID-19.

    • Learning from the experts – the business case for workplace wellbeing

      Walkgrove | Derby |

      Leading mental health charity, Mind, will promote better workplace wellbeing through distributing mental health awareness courses in partnership with learning consultancy and course designers, Walkgrove. More than seven in ten employees (71%) have experienced mental health problems in their lives, whilst over one in two (53%) employees are affected by poor mental health in their current workplace. But most employees feel uncomfortable talking about mental health at work. Mind’s courses respond to business calls for more guidance, offering practical advice about how to boost workplace wellbeing.

    • Another win for Walkgrove

      Walkgrove | UK |

      Walkgrove has picked up a Silver Award for the design and development of the FORS ‘Security and Counter Terrorism’ e-learning module. The video-driven training, which has been designed with an alternative classroom delivery trainer pack, helps HGV drivers and other transport professionals recognise and mitigate security risks.

    • New wildlife and nature themed website lets users explore over 300 training solutions

      Walkgrove | Derby |

      Award-winning specialist learning consultancy Walkgrove has launched a stunning wildlife and nature themed website to help users discover the company’s wide experience and diverse expertise. The site includes two searchable libraries of hundreds of bespoke learning solutions and generic courses. Website visitors can now filter the company’s sizeable range of training examples by sought-after topics or major industry sectors, as well as find courses that include popular learning features.

    • Walkgrove shortlisted for Training Journal Award 2019

      Walkgrove | Derby |

      Walkgrove’s Security and Counter Terrorism eLearning module and alternative f2f delivery module aimed at HGV drivers, has been shortlisted for The Best Public Service/Not for Profit Programme Award by the Training Journal Awards 2019.

    • Walkgrove e-learning wins counter terrorism award

      Walkgrove | Derby |

      After a training requirement was identified to tackle issues of security and counter terrorism, Walkgrove was commissioned by the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) in conjunction with Transport for London, to develop an e-learning module aimed at HGV drivers. The resulting course went on to win the nationally recognised Counter Terrorism Education Project Award at the Counter Terror Awards, March 2019.

    • New ‘Ready to Go’ e-learning responds to 2018’s biggest challenge for businesses

      Walkgrove | Derbyshire |

      Award-winning specialist learning consultancy Walkgrove is launching a comprehensive suite of e-learning modules to meet the key needs of modern British companies. Ready to Go Essentials includes a package of over 130 core professional development learning modules to support UK businesses, whose leaders cited people development as the biggest issue for company success in 2018.

    • Walkgrove seminar on engagement in e-learning

      Walkgrove |

      Tony Frascina, Walkgrove Consultant and Chair of Judges for the E-learning Age Awards, will present a seminar on engagement in e-learning at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum: Real Life in Learning - how to capture your learners and keep them.

    • Walkgrove reports strong performance in 2012/13

      Walkgrove |

      Walkgrove consolidates its position as one of the UK's leading learning solutions consultancies: reports continued growth and profit; business win rate increase; new contracts with large customers; new product investments made.

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