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beTravelwise training partnership will promote global worker safety

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Risk management experts beTravelwise are promoting stress-free business travel by distributing travel safety awareness training in partnership with learning consultancy and course designers Walkgrove. More than one in four business travellers have a negative experience, but most employees remain unaware of their company’s travel guidance or policies. The digital learning materials help employers meet their duty of care responsibilities by promoting risk awareness and planning measures to prevent common travel mishaps and improve workplace security in a variety of settings.



Market leader beTravelwise has chosen award-winning learning consultancy and materials developer, Walkgrove, to distribute their range of travel safety and workplace security e-learning courses and animated training videos.


The demands of frequent business travel are a known cause of stress, but most employees are underprepared for the health, safety and security challenges they may face when travelling for work. beTravelwise has found that the most common risks for travellers on business are petty crime, food poisoning, and road traffic accidents.

beTravelwise commissioned Walkgrove to create a suite of travel safety-e-learning courses that help employers to meet their duty of care responsibility to keep their employees safe. The materials equip employees to plan effectively for trips, stay vigilant for risks and react safely if anything goes wrong. After receiving excellent feedback from some of their global clients, beTravelwise selected Walkgrove to help promote the courses more widely.

The wide range of travel safety-focused learning materials includes advice about dealing with risks surrounding airport arrivals and immigration, hotels, food poisoning, data privacy and infectious disease, as well as natural disasters and other serious incidents. The suite also includes workplace security and life safety training to build safety skills in a variety of different working environments. What makes them different is the flexibility of format. Some clients buy the full suite; others take short animations delivering multiple learning points. All materials are fully customisable to reflect different company priorities and policies.

On the partnership launch, beTravelwise Director Andy Prior commented: “’stress-free work trips are good for business and the wellbeing of staff teams, which is why more and more organisations are looking to offer personal travel safety training to their employees. The most common threats to business travellers are largely avoidable through some simple preparation and prevention steps, so we’re pleased to be working with Walkgrove to make our travel safety advice more widely available. With the complications and anxiety caused by COVID, employees need to be reassured more than ever that they employers are doing everything possible to keep them safe.”

Walkgrove Managing Director Sarah Smith said: ’We were delighted to be chosen by beTravelwise to develop and customise these modules. Our strategic decision to offer high quality generic digital learning, makes it a natural next step to help beTravelwise to address the risk exposure of global workers and business travellers. The training is excellent and memorable - everyone in our office has implemented many of the simple recommendations and precautions even when just going on holiday! The short e-learning modules and animated videos on offer provide easy-to-follow guidance on essential workplace security and travel safety topics, which will help organisations to keep their staff safe wherever they may be working.”

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