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Another win for Walkgrove

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Walkgrove has picked up a Silver Award for the design and development of the FORS ‘Security and Counter Terrorism’ e-learning module. The video-driven training, which has been designed with an alternative classroom delivery trainer pack, helps HGV drivers and other transport professionals recognise and mitigate security risks.


The module, which was launched in January 2018, has been completed 100,000 times, across over 5,000 operators with the key aim being to raise awareness of risks and processes. The immersive course equips drivers to:

  • Identify the various threats posed by terrorism
  • Become more aware of vehicle security
  • Understand the measures they can take to reduce placing themselves or their vehicles at risk of hijack, theft or physical attack
  • Reduce the risks of fuel theft
  • Identify and report suspicious behaviour or activity

The partnership involved in designing this ground-breaking program included: Transport for London (TfL), AECOM, contracted by TfL to administer FORS, and Walkgrove, single framework supplier to TfL for the design of freight training. In addition, key design input came from the Metropolitan Police, the Department for Transport, HS2 and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. This collaborative approach was essential in ensuring a high quality, high impact piece of training.

“Tackling terrorism is a responsibility for all of us and we all have a role to play in keeping the UK safe. HGV and commercial drivers should be vigilant and confident in reporting unusual or suspicious behaviour to the police as soon as possible. By taking part in this training we hope to equip them with the knowledge to play their part.”

Wayne Watling, Protective Security Operations, The Metropolitan Police

"The threat of terrorism is real and something that we all face every day. For drivers of commercial vehicles, this is a huge responsibility and we are delighted that so many individuals have benefitted – and will continue to benefit – from this training to minimise the risk of vehicle as weapon attacks."

Peter Binham, who commissioned the eLearning module on behalf of Transport for London

Principal City Planner, TfL

"The success of this training is in no small part due to the collaborative approach with which it was designed."

Sonia Hayward, FORS Manager