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Helping commissioning organisations to get better responses to Requests for Proposals

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Walkgrove Senior Solutions Consultant Lucy Hodge to co-host an online event with the ELearning Network about how companies can identify their ideal training developer by writing clear Requests for Proposals.

In a webinar co-hosted with the ELearning Network, Hodge will present comprehensive new guidance on writing effective Requests for Proposals (RfP) by specialist learning consultancy Walkgrove, which has been developed using the company’s 25 years’ experience as an award-winning learning provider and writing thousands of learning proposals.

The event will present the essential elements that companies should include in their RfP if they want to evaluate potential training suppliers on the factors that matter and identify the learning solution they truly need.

Talking about the importance of getting RfPs right, Walkgrove’s Managing Director Sarah Smith said: “Putting out an RfP is an opportunity to compare possible vendors’ creativity, designs, processes and profiles. But if an RfP doesn’t include the right details and ask the right questions, you might find that one organisation offers a high-spec solution with a price to match, while another suggests a cost-effective but pedestrian design—even though your ideal is somewhere in the middle. Which is a better supplier for you? When you’re comparing apples with oranges, it’s almost impossible to judge.”

In the webinar, Lucy will address the challenges for organisations searching for a training provider in today’s packed online learning market, by explaining how to use an RfP to identify the right organisation for the job. She will be talking about: things to think about and who to talk to before starting to write an RfP; what potential suppliers need to know to provide an effective solution; how to structure an RfP to get complete and clear responses; how to deal with (and reduce) supplier questions; and how to evaluate responses fairly.

The webinar ‘Comparing apples with apples: How to get a great response to your Request for Proposal’ is taking place on Thursday 24 January, 12 pm UK time and is free to attend.

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