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Walkgrove seminar on engagement in e-learning

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Tony Frascina, Walkgrove Consultant and Chair of Judges for the E-learning Age Awards, will present a seminar on engagement in e-learning at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum: Real Life in Learning - how to capture your learners and keep them.


'An e-learning victim pokes a learning designer with a stick and tells them that e-learning is boring and asks them what are they going to do about it! The learning designer says didn’t you like the video, the graphics, the animations? But the e-learning victim isn’t listening, because they’re not interested, they never were.'

During the session, Tony will look at how to capture learners and keep them - so they go where they want and also where you want them to go. Key points will include:

  • How bringing real life into learning makes all the difference to the learner’s experience
  • How it motivates and leads to behaviour change

"We will also be looking at the role technology can play. It might not be about the technology - but technology can’t half help," explains Tony Frascina.

"Ultimately, capturing learners and keeping them is about relevance and it's about context, and it's about the learner's real life."

The session will take place at 3.00 pm in seminar theatre four at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum on June 17 at London Olypmia. For more information visit the Forum event website.