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    • How to create a learning programme for EDI

      Charity Learning Consortium | London |

      EDI has become a top priority for all organisations and especially charities. A new white paper published by the Charity Learning Consortium explains how to create an effective learning programme in equity, diversity and inclusion to help drive cultural change.

    • Seven reasons to join the Charity Learning Consortium in 2020

      Charity Learning Consortium | UK |

      Cash strapped charities achieve far more for less with their learning and development budgets when they join the Consortium. Chat to the team at the Learning Technologies exhibition, to find out why collaborating with more than 180 organisations in the Consortium family makes such great business sense.

    • New eLearning to support charity staff

      Charity Learning Consortium | UK |

      The Charity Learning Consortium has added a wide range of new content to its existing eLearning library, to support charity staff and volunteers. A new course on career development, and new content added to popular courses such as workplace wellbeing, enhances the eLearning portfolio.

    • Announcing the stars of Charity Learning 2018

      Charity Learning Consortium | UK |

      The Charity Learning Consortium has announced the winners of the annual Charity Learning Awards, revealing stories of amazing dedication, innovation and collaboration on the road to eLearning success.

    • The secret to marketing eLearning

      Charity Learning Consortium |

      Martin Baker, CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium, shares his top marketing tips to engage learners.

    • New eLearning for modern learners

      Charity Learning Consortium | United Kingdom |

      The Charity Learning Consortium has added a wide range of new courses and modules to its eLearning library, to reflect the demands of the modern workplace.

    • ELearning superstars 2014

      Charity Learning Consortium | UK |

      Elearning doesn’t have to be boring! The winners of the Charity Learning Awards 2014 are proof that using technology as part of an imaginative, blended approach to L&D can save time and money - and inspire learners. Martin Baker, CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium, says it’s time to celebrate the positive benefits that learning technologies can bring.

    • Helping charities save time and money with eLearning

      Charity Learning Consortium | UK |

      With increased demand for charity services and L&D budgets under pressure, it’s never been more important for charities to make the most of learning and development. A seminar on 1 October with the Charity Learning Consortium will show how collaborating to embed eLearning can help third sector organisations save time and money, reaching more learners and boosting overall productivity.

    • Achieving eLearning success at the National Deaf Children’s Society

      Charity Learning Consortium |

      A group of committed individuals at NDCS made a sound business case for eLearning within the organisation. Their efforts paid off, and by focusing on evaluation and clear evidence-based reporting of two pilot projects, they achieved their aim of organisation-wide implementation. Judges in the Charity Learning Awards 2013 were particularly impressed with this planned approach, which set foundations for succes and NDCS were declared worthy winners of the award for Organisational Buy-In.

    • Thinking outside the box to create bespoke eLearning

      Charity Learning Consortium | London, UK |

      Hanover housing association’s L&D team wanted bespoke eLearning, but couldn’t afford the hefty price tag – so they trained themselves in instructional design instead. A training investment of £5,000 has so far saved an impressive £80,000, and that amount grows with every eLearning course they create. This great example of ‘thinking outside of the box’ really impressed the judges of the Charity Learning Awards, who declared Hanover a worthy winner of the award for ‘Amazing Use of Resources’.

    • Engaging eLearning has an impact at Addaction

      Charity Learning Consortium | London, UK |

      Boring eLearning gets a bad reputation – but it doesn’t have to be that way! The L&D team at Addaction created an engaging eLearning Infection Control module which had a far reaching effect within the organisation. Judges were impressed with the impact the tailor-made course had on staff, and it won the Best eLearning Programme in the Charity Learning Awards 2013.

    • Charity Learning Award winners 2013

      Charity Learning Consortium | London UK |

      Charity L&D professionals are often faced with an uphill task – with small teams, little or no budget for L&D, outdated technology and staff in several locations. They face these challenges with creativity, passion and a spirit of collaboration, making ‘less’ really achieve ‘more’. This evening, the Charity Learning Awards 2013 celebrated the commitment, innovation and achievements of L&D professionals working in the sector. Find out who went away with an Award.

    • Tom Kuhlmann Masterclass: eLearning design made simple

      Charity Learning Consortium | London, UK |

      eLearning design doesn’t have to be complicated, says Tom Kuhlmann, the world’s leading instructional designer. He’ll be inspiring delegates at an annual Masterclass in London in May, with practical ideas to create great resources.

    • Go on - give something back!

      Charity Learning Consortium | London, UK |

      The entire eLearning industry is being asked to get behind Global Giveback UK, by donating resources and expertise to charities to support essential skills development in the third sector. All L&D organisations and individuals can help – find out how at Learning Technologies.

    • Kirkpatricks Evaluation webinar – supporting charity learning

      Charity Learning Consortium | London, UK |

      Donald Kirkpatrick, the ‘Father’ of Evaluation, will be making a guest appearance at a special Evaluation webinar for charities around the world on 30 August. Evaluation experts Jim & Wendy Kirkpatrick are once again hosting the free, annual webinar - supported by The Charity Learning Consortium in the UK.

    • Webinar: Doing ‘more for less’ with Charity Learning

      Charity Learning Consortium | London, UK |

      Charity L&D budgets have been hit particularly hard in the recession, but it’s more important than ever that staff are equipped to carry out their jobs well. The Charity Learning Consortium is holding a webinar at 11am on 21st June to explain how collaboration can help charities save precious resources, whilst still addressing the essential skills of their staff.

    • eLearning Global Giveback winners are stars of collaborative L&D

      Charity Learning Consortium |

      Martin Baker is toasting the success of the eLearning Global Giveback awards – a competition celebrating eLearning developed by expert volunteers for charities working in international development. Martin, a member of the judging panel, and a well known advocate for collaboration in L&D, says the scheme is a great example of what can be achieved by working together.

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