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New eLearning to support charity staff

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The Charity Learning Consortium has added a wide range of new content to its existing eLearning library, to support charity staff and volunteers. A new course on career development, and new content added to popular courses such as workplace wellbeing, enhances the eLearning portfolio.

Martin Baker, Founder, Charity Learning Consortium
Martin Baker, Founder, Charity Learning Consortium 

A whole host of new content has been added to the Charity Learning Consortium’s eLearning suite, to support the skills and wellbeing of charity staff and volunteers. 

New resources created by MicroLearn include a career development course as well as a wide range of modules designed to enhance workplace wellbeing and personal development. 

The new career development course aims to support staff to make informed choices about their future in the workplace, helping them to progress. It includes a module on effective induction, to boost both productivity and satisfaction. Other useful content focuses on creating a good first impression and networking skills.

Several new modules have also been added to the existing workplace wellbeing course. These include: better judgements, mindset and managing emotions. The course has been developed by MicroLearn in collaboration with award-winning author and behavioural skills specialist Liggy Webb. It highlights the risks and warning signs of poor mental health, stress and sickness and aims to boost vital skills for a range of personal and professional situations. It’s become a popular feature of the Consortium’s eLearning portfolio.

Liggy Webb commented: “We’re living in a fast paced and busy world and there’s an increasing need to focus on wellbeing to help people be proactive about taking care of themselves. Working with MicroLearn and the Charity Learning Consortium to develop these online resources has been a fantastic experience. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with people who are so passionate about improving the quality of peoples’ lives.” 

A whole host of other new modules have also been added to the library, to support a wide range of skills. A list of the full eLearning portfolio is available from

Martin Baker, founder and CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium, said: “If we really want to transform learning and development, it’s vital that we make the personal needs of staff and volunteers a priority. This wide range of new courses and resources will help practitioners do that, with a special focus on wellbeing. We’re indebted to our partners, MicroLearn and Liggy Webb, for creating invaluable resources to support good mental health.” 

Ali Soper, Creative Director and cofounder of MicroLearn, added: “We’re proud to add new titles to our off-the-shelf library of bite-sized resources every quarter. Driven by our customers, the roadmap includes a variety of relevant and timely course content which supports today’s employees and organisations to boost workplace wellbeing, personal development and professional skills.”

Liggy Webb talking about her work in a video in the video learning library