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Cameras roll on massive collaborative video learning project

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Members of The Charity Learning Consortium are busy filming for a huge collaborative video learning project. All members have been offered a free flip camera to create short pieces of video learning to share with other members of the community. Martin Baker, the founder and CEO of the Consortium, said members had enthusiastically embraced the exciting video challenge.

Members of The Charity Learning Consortium (CLC) have enthusiastically embraced a collaborative video learning project, after 200 Flip Cameras were given to them by Cisco through a partnership with the Charity Technology Exchange (CTXchange). The cameras are being shared amongst the more than 100 charities which are members of the CLC.

Each member of the Consortium has been challenged to produce three short pieces of video learning for the massive group venture. The videos will ultimately be posted on a special You Tube channel.

The exciting project received the thumbs up from members when they collected their cameras at a recent meeting in London, where they discussed ideas for video content. These include asking their charity chiefs why L&D is important to their organisation or what their top management tip might be.

Dave Thorneywork, Senior Training Officer (volunteers) at The Royal British Legion, commented: “I’m really excited about this project, which is a great way to get the knowledge and skills to our members and volunteers that they need to carry out their essential work for us. I’ve already drafted a story board and have recorded a few test recordings.”

Alison Sandham, the National Staff Development Manager for Victim Support, was equally enthusiastic, saying: “I can’t wait to get videoing with my flip cam which looks so easy to use. I am meeting our new Senior Learning and Skills Manager and I can’t wait to include him in my videoing. I am also going to get myself on camera – to share what my top management tip is. Having been a management trainer for many years I have plenty to share. So watch out colleagues, there’s a video cam about!”

Martin Baker, founder and CEO of the Consortium, said he was thrilled that Cisco, via CTXchange, had contributed the cameras, which are now being put to great use. Members of the Consortium had really ‘embraced the challenge’ he said:

“What our members lack in budget they make up for in enthusiasm and creativity, so they have really embraced this challenge wholeheartedly, and I can’t wait to see the results!”

Richard Cooper, Development Manager at the Charity Technology Trust, which co-ordinates the CTXchange programme, said: “It’s so great to see charities putting these donated Flip cameras to such good use. Videos are a great way for organisations to share knowledge and expertise, and we are so pleased that CTXchange has been able to facilitate this.”

About CTXchange
Charity Technology Trust’s CTXchange programme enables eligible charities and charitable housing associations to receive hardware and software products, donated by leading brands, to improve the efficiency of their operations. It is part of a global partnership operated by Techsoup, headquartered in the USA. The programme has helped donate hardware and software to over 6,000 charities.

About Charity Technology Trust (CTT)
CTT is an impartial, non-profit-making organisation which provides the charitable sector with information technology and support services including hardware, software and support for e-mail marketing and online payments systems. 6,000 charities have already benefitted from technology donations of hardware and software. Formed in 2001, CTT is the only UK registered charity devoted to improving the operational efficiency of charities through the use of information technology.