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Charities seize opportunity for Evaluation advice from Kirkpatricks

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More than 130 charity representatives from the UK have seized the opportunity to gain advice from Evaluation ‘guru’ Jim Kirkpatrick in a webinar on 31st August. The Charity Learning Consortium is supporting the webinar, which will be led by recognised Evaluation experts Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick, co-authors of several books on the subject. Charities and not-for-profits around the globe can still register for this unique, complimentary event.

Charities from around the globe can still register for a unique Evaluation webinar with Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick, which is being supported by The Charity Learning Consortium in the UK. The webinar takes place on Wednesday 31st August at 3pm UK time.

Registration and attendance is entirely free for charities – register by following the instructions in this link:

Registrations close at 5pm on Tuesday 30 August.

If you are interested in the Kirkpatricks Evaluation work but unfortunately can’t make the webinar, then it’s still worth registering - afterwards you will receive links to download an audio recording of the event and free information and resources.

More than 130 charity representatives from the UK have already seized this golden opportunity to learn about the latest adaptation of the Kirkpatrick Model, widely used for evaluating learning and development around the world.

Martin Baker, founder and CEO of The Charity Learning Consortium said: "I’m thrilled that so many charities in the UK are taking up this opportunity. Having attended sessions with Jim at TrainingZone Live – where Jim is undoubtedly the star of the show – I know that he will lead a memorable webinar, of real value to anyone involved in learning and development.”

In the webinar, the Kirkpatricks will:

•Explain the most modern ways to use the Kirkpatrick Model to plan, execute and measure training that creates true business value

•Give a rendering of the updated model that focuses on the importance of the transfer of learning to behaviour

•Offer tips for how to align training with your most important organizational goals

•And present an overview of required drivers and leading indicators, and their importance in creating organization value through training

Whether you are new to training or an industry veteran, this eye-opening session will show you how something 50 years old can be refreshingly new and relevant.

Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick is a Senior Consultant with Kirkpatrick Partners. He conducts workshops and consults on topics - including building a business partnership model, evaluation, and balanced scorecards for top organisations - all over the world.

Jim has co-authored three books on evaluation with his father, Don and has co-authored two books on the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Model with his wife, Wendy. He is known for his open, friendly facilitation style. His classes offer an opportunity for all participants to share their experiences and learn from each other in a comfortable environment.

Wendy Kayser Kirkpatrick, the Director of Kirkpatrick Partners, will be facilitating the webinar alongside Jim.

Wendy applies her skills as a certified instructional designer and expert facilitator to lead companies to measurable success. She is the co-author of Kirkpatrick Then and Now (2009 Kirkpatrick Publishing) and Training on Trial (2010 AMACOM Books).

Wendy draws on two decades of experience in retailing, marketing, and training to make her work relevant and impactful with measurable results.

What you need to know:
When: 31 August 3pm-4.15pm (British Summer Time) For other countries, you can calculate the time using this time zone converter
Register by 5pm Tuesday 30 August latest
Cost: Free to all charities worldwide (Other organsiations may be able to join, but would be charged).
How do I register?: Click on this link and follow the registration details